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  1. Join the fight tomorrow and watch your exploits on the live stream replay later!
  2. Can confirm this is the correct Link!
  3. or if you want to win you could join me on the allied side. Just sayin!
  4. Let's be honest, we are going to roll Ryman. Personally I plan on killing him at least 10 times. The event which will be primarily ground based will have both of our perspectives live streamed and maybe some overhead shots from the buzzard cam. If that sounds like a good time, go ahead and sign up and join me on the Allied Discord - Mitchsw ( Bearded Mitch)
  5. Enjoy your freedom while you can! What MOS did you enlist for? Either way best of luck!
  6. Yes sir, good times with the 40 commandos!
  7. Thank you for that post Badger and very well said.
  8. Hows it going everyone, If anyone cares, I am streaming @ . So if for some reason you cant play right now, but can watch a twitch stream head on over. You can also. watch figure out my position and shoot me in game. The possibilities are endless! Thanks, Mitchsw
  9. I as well have the same problem. I messed with a bunch of settings and now it only happens when inside a building or looking through binocs
  10. Seems I was wrong its a socket 754. Is the any good cpu for this. I cant find one
  11. ok so what dose everyone think More Ram vs New CPU Which will help the most fps wise.
  12. OK installed,but not sure if it took. Im not the greatest with computers so thers a chance I could of done something wrong. I installed the thing from the link and on runing the exe I installed all the compents it gave me the option of installing. I looked back in my Dxdiag ( a new one ) and it seems to have the same thing at the line you pointed out.
  13. yes agp , ill give it a shot