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  1. .ow works too
  2. when you click on a town, please show both sides fb. need less clicking. also once a fb has been .ow, please make it you can hit enter->arrow up to repeat the original .ow. yeah you can select past .ow also, they need to show. less clicks please
  3. bridges, fb's..... show status(%). ty[ping is a pain in the asd. need better flow with UI.
  4. ...and only during AO's, think, like, bomber sirens but V2's
  5. the old 3-box ms kind?
  6. and give up ones postion on a friendly PPO.? need flag, universal sign .
  7. PPO should be player"self designed". pipe dream though. maybe purchase different kinds. more monies the sweeter the crib.
  8. connect them then we will need the bangalore.
  9. ..when axis touch england. V2 rockets were first launched against England in September 1944. Over the next few months, nearly 1,400 struck London. They were less accurate than V1 missiles, but since they travelled at the speed of sound, and so made no warning noise before impact, it was almost impossible to defend against them. just for ambiance.
  10. would be cool to see some movement of these units as they fire
  11. ...Sortie AAR's would this be do'able?
  12. Don’t think naval eng stats are combined with normal eng. as far as I remember
  13. Waaay upper left on the big map Search for the places, they start with camp. camp gretchen
  14. To help place ao’s on towns and bridges,fbs, n such.