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  1. Omg i want to use ju52 with engineers for fb/bridge missions.
  2. Supply of ammo not boots
  3. would be nice to know what the button im pressing is called while trying to figure out keymapping.
  4. When we did drives in the fields deer hunting I could see the shooting and couple seconds later the sound. Better than lightning. also plinking LP tanks at 200 yards with a 22.
  5. is it possible to mimic/replicate this in game?
  6. the ability to make a mission, say for navy(must have waypoints/.order message to do this) but you want to spawn army to help(make it you cannot be mission leader?) and keep a mission open for navy that otherwise would have none. make it a certain rank or pay for it, whatever. i wouldn't make an HC tool. my first thing to do on login is to look for missions in air or navy,not so much navy now(fork was stuck with the latest update) to help the unfortunate when no mission is available.
  7. .ow works too
  8. when you click on a town, please show both sides fb. need less clicking. also once a fb has been .ow, please make it you can hit enter->arrow up to repeat the original .ow. yeah you can select past .ow also, they need to show. less clicks please
  9. bridges, fb's..... show status(%). ty[ping is a pain in the asd. need better flow with UI.