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  1. This is odd. I can only see the upper left corner (about 1/4 of screen) of the screen when I launch the game. Affects online, offline, and training server. I'm running an X1900XT and I've tried catalyst version 9.3, 8.11, and 8.10 and the problem is exactly the same each time. I've even tried different resolutions and monitors. Due to the nature of the problem I am unable to access the in game video settings to see if there is something there that could help with the problem. Is there a hot key sequence that would open up the settings page? EDIT: Alright, just found out where they hide the latest drivers. I'm going to try the 9.7 version.
  2. Fixed the problem....apparently. I restarted all my networking equipment. Switch Router and Cable Modem So far I'm not having the autodespawn. I assume it had something to do with a flaky internet connection.....who knows for sure. BTW, I'm still curious about any sort of logging that WW2OL does.
  3. Uninstalled the game restarted computer reinstalled the game restarted computer Still getting this bug.
  4. My last several missions I have mysteriously autodespawned. Usually I'm on mission for less than 2 minutes, then it's the despawn camera. This never happened during the intermissions. Any ideas? Are there any sort of log files to look at or can I turn on logging?
  5. Would you say that your squad is...."elite?" OMG UNPREDICTABLE S! !!!! EDIT - Damnit, didn't see whoofe's post. He beat me to the mockery. =)
  6. SLI

    The higher the resolution you play the game at SLI get's more efficient. If you play the game at 1024x768 you will probably not notice any difference. But if you play the game at 1600x1200 then you will notice a substantial increase in performance. Mind you it most likely won't double, but a 50% increase would be excellent.
  7. tune ch 43 ingame and hook up with one of the best squads around. teh bump
  8. Escaz was talking about how he sucks too much to join The Elite Fighting Force. I think you should still give him a shot though, he's got spirit.
  9. this needs to stay closer to the top