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  1. Well guys Im just wondering is there anyone still around in 3PzG aka breakfastclub? Dinker, pepers, hotfink, potthead, subcult, casdk, Slob, thefez, you name em all. Seems like a hundred years since we played together... lol
  2. I tryed this on my computer runing vista home premium and i got a boost! Log in as a user with administrator privileges Open the start menu, go to All Programs > Accessories Right-click on the “Command Prompt” icon and choose “Run as Administrator” Type: netsh interface tcp set global autotuning=disabled Press enter Thats it! To return to normal follow the above steps and type in the command: netsh interface tcp set global autotuning=normal Press enter Hope this might help some peps!
  3. My little test might also help you. See this thread:
  4. Im sorry to say GOPHUR that little patch didn't help me. Got a CTHL after a HUGE spawn in time. So It was still unplayable for me. This is the log file: Wed Jun 07 01:02:41 2006 network election of 2 addresses: Winner: Thu Jun 08 01:29:41 2006 User-specified network selection: 1 ( Notice the 462ms on 66 and 485 on 209 yesterday!!!!! An im connected on a 8mbit! When i do a netcheck aprox 10% of the received IP packages have address faults. Since I've been testing some application I've removed some memory from my machine doing those tests. So the above log file was created with 512MB memory. Now when i Put in 1GB of memory the following happens: No CTHL, (I used the patch from your post, I'm to tired to try with the regular .exe file since it's 3 in the morning here , spawned in to the game in about 10-15 sec, good fps, etc. So the conclusion from my side is: The game needs more than 512MB memory (if you dont use any virtual memory in windows and start WW2OL it crashes). The virtual memory are stored on the HD and if it's a slow HD you get timeouts. So the problem is memory storage. (Remember thats my conclusion:) Hope this info helps you! S! CarolusX 3Pzg