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  1. this is cole1a that started with the original 3rd pzr back in the day, its been years since I have been on. well bought my son a new computer and downloaded this game before he takes off to get his masters degree. Unfortunately he spawned it on the allied side and I flew for the first time got a stuka kill ahhhh what memories came back. Just out of curiosity how are the battles now there doesn't seem to be a lot of activity ? however it is intermission. Looking forward to playing SI! Cole1a
  2. Its been a long time since I have been on WW2 online Just subscribed for 3 months gonna see if this old computer will play the game. I need to get back on the 3rds website seems I was a deleted after years of being gone. Some may remember me my game name was Cole1a I was recruited a long time ago by dinker and a few others before they made us change the name of the original let me know How i get back in the squad. thanks cole1a
  3. Yes I have saved changes any other ideas? thanks
  4. Ok, I downloaded the game on my wifes laptop its an Asus with vista 64, Tried to fly tonight and found that the max rpms will not work it will drop to economy but you can not get it to go back to max. I thought oh crap must be bad keys but then i checked them they work fine. I tried to keymap other buttons but it still wont work. Any Ideas ??? thanks cole1a
  5. Hmmm, I keep receiving a error that cannot download new patch because of the previous one is in correct ?? any help thanks cole1a
  6. Please........ This is the most annoying ctd of all time locks my whole computer up. A lot of people are having this problemb. Thanks
  7. All I can says is Awesome ! Great thread, you are so lucky to have the Modeling talents you have and to have the major as a friend. I wish i could fly up and visit. Did I read that the major has some dvds ? Where can one purchase copies Thanks Cole1a
  8. Thanks for your help S!
  9. I was told by Gateway that My joystick (Logitech Extreme 3d Pro) caused my computer to Crash. They told my wife that this happens a lot. Could this happen ? I had to completely wipe my system and re install everything. The reason I ask as I am now afraid to try the stick or there brand again. I did go to there webstite and downloaded drivers for it and the same thing happened. Thanks, Cole1a
  10. same for me, although I got in played 2 hrs ctded, got kicked out now I cant get back in. got in the 1st time after rebooting the cpu, now that doesnt work. Never had any problembs before patch. help please cole1a