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  1. thanks!, yes those definitely help. That second link is exactly what I was looking for. I have also found that a lot of links lead to nowhere. I wonder if any offline mode has any of these vehicles in it to use as target practice?
  2. HI , Im back after a 5-6 year absence. Im enjoying the game , but this time around I would like to try to learn more about the vehicles, aircraft and weapon systems. The other day I was at an airbase when I noticed an nme tank shooting at the planes leaving the base, so I spawned an ATG soldier, I got told soon after by another player "that ATG wont do anything against a sherman". It's good that he told me, but it dawned on me that I have no idea about that kind of stuff. Is there a resource anywhere that explains some of this? like what inf ATG's are good for?, what tanks are best against certain types of tank?, which Anti Tank gun to choose against what tank? , or indeed how to even identify types of vehicle, that kind of stuff. cheers.
  3. Im getting them frequently now , never used to be an issue. The game quits out in the blink of an eye to the desktop.
  4. I'd like to see a screenshot of this if you get it working!..
  5. HI mate, if the smaller drive does not hold the operating system, and you want to erase everythign on it, then you can do this through 'disk management' (im assuming you have xp or vista). Be careful with this tho, make sure you are 100% sure that the OS is on the larger drive before you wipe it. right click my computer , choose manage , highlight disk management. on the right you will see the drives listed, make a note of the file system type on the smaller drive. Right click the one you want to erase and choose format , then format it with the same file system as before.
  6. yep , 8.8 doesnt work , i tried installing it again , and I CTD'ed after about 30 sec on ground and in air every time. 8.7beta is working for me.
  7. http://forums.battlegroundeurope.com/showthread.php?t=231460 I thihnk this sorted it , as I also had a realtek HD audio. changed ot to software, and brought the sounds down to 16..seems ok now.
  8. actually i thought it was fine, until I tried flying. as soon as I get into the cockpit my computer actually reboots....
  9. Thanks for the info! - Ive installed 8.7 Beta drivers and no more crashes...
  10. HI, Im using xp sp2 , with an ATI HD 3870 radeon card. everytime I go to spawn into a mission, my PC crashes to dekstop. is anyone using this card ok? , any settings I should look out for? Thanks
  11. I have started CTHL'ing now aswell. I have noticed, that when it happens, it actually knocks out my connection to the internet for up to 30 seconds. (i have tested this by pinging external ip address - no reply)
  12. It happens as inf under any condition. I am using Microsoft intellimouse infra-red. I must admit I havent tried another mouse yet. I havent unmapped the mouse , as I have got use to hearing the phantom 'switch sound' and manage to catch it before it changes weapon. I will try another mouse tonight if possible and let you know.
  13. yep, it happens regularly, probably once every 2-3 mins
  14. I have had an ongoing problem for ages, where my weapon switches by itself. a few times its got me killed becuase I could swap back quick enough. I use the mousewheel when I actually want to swap, but it seems to do it by itself. the mouse is fine in other games that use switching via the wheel. Is anyone else getting this?
  15. I used the sticky at the top of this forum, its been updated (just scroll down). It explains what some of those setting mean. It worked for me, I am now getting 30-45 in the air