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  1. Like Sudden I get this error but everytime i login but game runs ok. So i ignore it. Carry On lol
  2. server issues will be resolved But main thing is crs and hc should stop lording it over pb - imho carry on
  3. Yeah - syncing issue ima offline as well - hi titu lol
  4. Who would be able to attend a micro con in Brisbane Australia in jan 2013? I can host one at my place for 5-10 players. I work opposite MacArthur Place -where MacArthur moved his HQ in ww2.
  5. How many peeps would like/be able to attend a micro con in Queensland Australia in jan 2013? I would be happy to host one in Brisbane at my place for 5 to 10 players. Regards qahal
  6. I had missing text chars in announcements - Was using 2 screens = one crt and one lcd - I had missing chars in announcements. I reverted to single screen and bingo - all fixed - ty JOKER007 for help