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  1. havent changed anything.............. been a victim of the CTHL bug since 1.23 but thats cause the server is way too picky but this has none of the same symptoms and my CTHLs arent as frequent as this issue. and never used SSE2 ...dont even know what it is
  2. this is an odd one i can be playing all night ..great connection ..little lag having a great time I run into a CP building to cap a table or just to gaurd it and ill have a total lockup freeze for like 20 seconds or more ...then itll go away and without warning another one now heres where it gets really odd.... i was ahving this over and over again inside an AB bunker and was trying like crazy to get back outside so the freezing would stop. well i froze for so long i decided to do an alt-tab to see if maybe my connection was dead or dying. soon as i alt tabbed the game (which is now in the background) starts running fine no freeze no lag. So i clicked on the game to bring it to the front and it froze again. seems every time i minimize game works great inside these buildings and no freeze and seems to only happen inside CP buildings or bunkers where table is present and never mind trying to cap it. soon as i touch the table i freeze and crash
  3. this is the only game this happens to me as well ...at least once a night ill get it
  4. i had audigy SE ...which was basicly same as audigy 2 ...it had tons of issues ..after searching around forums i found that audigy 2s were full of problems from sound issues to full blown PC lockups i upgraded to audigy4 and all the problems went away basicly creative is a crap company that doesnt do much in the way of customer support but its the cheapest sound cards out there so they pretty much corner the market
  5. i would love to disable it ...but the problem is i have netscape internet and they have it "fixed" so you cant tweak those options...ive mailed them many times telling them i want to be able to access this but like most big companies they give a crap about customers
  6. ok ive done alot of keeping track of every time it happens to me .... the majority were because of the vehicle loading issue which lately seems fixed for me but two strange things cause em for me occasionaly 1) capping a table 2) riding on transport plane both have happened to me after many hours of trouble and lag free play.... soon as i do one of those two things i either get a coupe really bad stutters or i get the CTHL with the 45 second lock up in the plane ill get a total loss of hud graphics and the plane sems to dissapear around me and all i can see are the helmets of the other troops ...truely odd now it doesnt happen every time but when i have CTHL its under these conditions lately
  7. come play on hard mode not wussy allied mode ...join up
  8. tonight the game did the 45 second freeze but instead of the CTHL the PC just rebooted windows ive never seen this before it happened 3 times now tonight usually i just got the CTHL i still want to help be a tester for this issue maybe itll stop this new problem thats resurfaced
  9. i always had huge spawn delays until i added anotehr 512ddr ram now its like lightning
  10. since i connect to 209 most of the time thats would be where my CTHLs are ....ill keep an eye on it when/if i go without one for a night
  11. mine is the 209 4 out of 5 times
  12. a/ Did you have CTHL with previous 1.23.x versions? yes b/ Have you been CTHLing with 1.23.5? yes c/ Which network does your ww2net.log say is the "winner" of the election? 4/5 trys and once of five tests d/ Does the test tool finish with "OK" for both networks? yes e/ If not, where does the test tool abort? f/ What type of internet connection do you have and from where? netscape dial up 52-54.6 connections ...ohio g/ In the settings application, under "Visual/Visual Limits" what is your "Visible Player Limit" set to? low h/ Do you still CTHL if you set this to "Low"? yes also thursday night and most all of friday i was able to play and had only 2 CTHL related to the game and one because my net connection went down on me if you have any kind of log files on players logged in maybe that data would help tell you why at those times i was on so long with no issues and why later on yesterday evening i couldnt stay in game for 5 minutes
  13. if youd like to get on TS some time and do a remote check im up for it maybe youd find somthing that way and i have an update ...played again from noon till almost 5pm and only one CTHL on my first spawn some conditions have changed im sure of it ..ive played in low and high population times .... nothing on my end has been changed
  14. what ever the conditions were last night and this morning make a note...had only one CTHL played for about 6 hours with nothing happening thats the first time since 1.23 patch ive gone moe than 15-20 min and i usually cant go 30 seconds