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  1. Definitely on Malvoc's side on this one. I'm notorious for using all cap..A LOT. MOIC AOIC and DOIC alike. That and I've been know to spam plenty. Some times things are just that urgent! I also think this is especially necessary with all the new players we have. Many of them wander around aimlessly just trying to find someone to shoot at. I've brought this up before in AHC forums. High command NEEDS to get a different chat color. Just like how mission leaders have purple text. It'll help us stick out from the normal side chat nonsense and spamming in all caps won't be as necessary.
  2. The Campaign doesn't end until one side owns 95% of the map OR captures 3 factory towns.
  3. In the Profile section the hint question shows "What is your mothers maiden name?" even if that isn't the question you've chosen. Example: I click "What is your favorite sports team?" then enter the answer and click save profile. The page reloads and still shows the question as "What is your mother's maiden name?"
  4. blame the Axis side for kicking too much arse!
  5. This idea works best during intermission.
  6. haha stukas do that pretty well too.
  7. There is an easy way to delete FMSs. Tell you mission leader that it's camped and he can delete it from his map.
  8. Nicely done man. I need to get back into AAA. They always seem to disappear after I roll one out haha
  9. Do some chores around the house then buddy. Trust us, if you want to be even half way decent at flying in this game you need a controller of some sort. Keyboard and mouse will work but its much more difficult and I've found that I can't turn as sharp with it.
  10. Not to mention drop in frame rates as well as visibility limit.
  11. Awesome video man! Great view on the paradrop and nice shooting on those 190s!
  12. awkward.... Either way, I'm glad to see so many of you still around. I was in 1st BDS and 16id back in the day, and I remember running along side many Panzer Lehr brothers. Gents.