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  1. to all who've gotten awards and to @Quincannon for compiling all this data!
  2. Well done to all! Thank you for your hard work. I hope you had fun in the process.
  3. Perhaps we should move one of the Allied factories to the southwest coast. Even things out a bit, and there would actually be a reason to attack those towns.
  4. Copy that Sir!
  5. All! Well done.
  6. Well done Gents!
  7. We'll be here Xoom. Take your time and get things in order. We just like to be kept in the loop as much as possible.
  8. The rain is a nice immersive bit, but it only seems to be in full effect once one side is closer to its enemy's factories. Maybe that's just a coincidence.
  9. nevermind haha
  10. Back when I first started, IIRC, I made colonel in a month or so. Obviously this was back when non-HC could get to the higher ranks. I don't think I ever got more than 2 stars though.
  11. Yes please!
  12. I remember the old AI towers had ladders. Maybe it was removed to discourage attempts to climb said towers?
  13. I made this ATR video a while back. Please forgive the audio. I was a teenager full of teenage angst. Turn the volume down unless you like Slipknot. EDIT: I've since found a spot on the flanks of the PZ4D below the center top rollers. Also the sides of the PZ2C's turret usually result in an explosion.