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  1. Was unaware of down stairs being allowed. I spawned atg and was killed by smg behind me. The time before (two days ago) I was down stairs in the barracks of an AB waiting out an air quake, ei ran in and killed me.
  2. Is EI entering depots / spawn points and killing still a violation, or now a free account feature?
  3. Got back to the main page and game after about 3 hours.
  4. Can't get to main page or load game? I had to redo password and got into the forums.
  5. Complete Uniform and Equipment Ensembles • Uniform of a typical US Marine of a ship’s detachment • US Army two piece camouflage HBT uniform • German SS uniform as worn during the Ardennes Offensive • Complete combat uniform of the type used by 1st Infantry Division soldiers during Operation Torch landings • Complete combat uniform of the type worn by Darby’s Rangers at Arzew • Tropical uniform of the Africa Korps • Tropical Uniform of Italian Soldier in North Africa • Uniform of a French Soldier in North Africa • Complete uniform German Fallschirmjager at Casino • Cold weather flying clothing as worn in flying the Hump • Typical flight gear of the AVGV • Uniform as worn by construction crews • Tropical service uniforms of the type worn by soldiers of Merrill’s Marauders • Uniform as worn by Al Can highway construction crews • Winter service uniform of the type worn by Japanese Special Naval Landing Force (i.e. Imperial Marines) during landings at Attu • Concentration Camp uniform • POW Uniform • Uniform of an Australian Infantryman as worn on New Guinea • Uniform of a Naval Aviator from Taffy 3 • Uniform of the 11th Airborne as worn in the PI • Uniform of the 6th Ranger Battalion • Uniform of the 3rd or 4th Japanese Airborne Raiding Regiment as worn on Luzon • Uniform of the 41st or 32nd infantry as worn while serving on the Kokoda Trail, New Guinea • Uniform of a Japanese Seaman as worn at the battle of Coral Sea • Uniform of Japanese landing forces as worn in Papua Theres more click on the link.
  6. They might have been afraid of being captured by the Russian's.
  7. "One the way back, I took a short cut through some hedgerows, and out came two Germans with their hands raised, yelling 'Comrade! Comrade!' Well I wasn't about to shoot them. So I marched them out to the glider, and I had another guy hold a gun on them -- while I took their picture." Not long after, the pilot handed off the two captured soldiers to a military policeman passing by in a Jeep. Some historians have wondered about the sanity of thousands of young men who, hungry for action and determined to earn flight wings, volunteered for the Glider Corps. The pilots, by many accounts, had stubborn and brash tendencies, reminding others that the G letter on their pilot wings actually stood for "guts."
  8. It took 9 days to fix packet loss and ctd's, cthls, unable to connect but the game is running silky smooth now. But no you don't let me take a break and enjoy the game you had to go and crash my TiVo too. It doesn't work and my wifey is pissed!!!
  9. I have done that (non sse version). I also did a compete remove and replace of the game. I did a remove and replace of my video driver and I m$ running the ATI latest version for the HD 3600.
  10. Out of Memory crashes has started on my end also as of 9/13/09. 3 crashes to desktop after about thirty minutes of play or killing and getting killed. This has never been an issue before.
  11. The router is a linksys wrt54gt model. What I have done is ran from my modem to desk top. Results where perfect thus eliminated my isp as a source of my problem. I have made a some new settings on router which have stablized the game from large packett loss, to a 25% percent packet loss on average.
  12. I am hard wired to the router. The factory default settings which I assumed was the out of the box settings made the router unusable.(I had to call tech support). Tech support help had the router xmitting to the the computers on my network but with a very erratic signal. The signal is good now speed is good. and the packet loss is alot lower than tech support settings had me at.
  13. I have a stable connection now. speed test and ping test or very good. I am still getting packet loss in the 20% range down to nothing and then back up again. I think my packet loss is thru the router. My router is a lnksys wrt54gt any suggestions as to the optimum settings?
  14. You can also set your stick up in the offline mode
  15. thanks Pete that will be my next move