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  1. Im up to version now using the game installer to patch. Im completely convinced im being downpatched when loading through the Steam page Well. I wont do that again. I suggest you test this, CRS. @choadthx for your help.
  2. Yep, that was also my solution, doing a fresh reinstall. I just checked and the version from the download page is infact 1.36.2. When doing this (ive done it every evening) and then loading game via Steam, i'm promted do update and then going down the 1.35.0 path. Does that make sence?
  3. OK I think I figured out where some of the issues lies. 1. It seem to come from using the Steam library loader. Using the Windows Start way is a lot quicker. 2. I have started doing a fresh install everytime I play out of this frustation. The Windows download on the website is a 1.35 version bringing me back a ton of patches.
  4. Hello CRS and support section, I'm trying to get back in once in a while. I like playing again but is often hindered by an endless amout of patching before being able to play. Somethimes even when logging in with a single day in between. F.ex. now doing then and so on .... Is this normal? When having 1 or 2 hours on a week night, it sometimes results in me going on to other games to get something out of the gaming time.
  5. Haha, u got me 5 times in a row while I fumbled with that new MP34
  6. Avoid churchills under 800 but all others are fair game. I hate to pull a tormented but if you learn to hit the gunner they die fast. M10s hit the hull and watch them burn!
  7. I hate to disagree von, but a stug is more than capable at dueling with top tier allied armour!
  8. Ive tried seeting complatability for win xp for all the files , tired with and without admin privilages set my sound card to my intergrated one not just primary sound card (only have the intergrated one but gives 2 options) Im at a loose end as I can play the beta but not the live server has anyone any ideas please?!
  9. As title says , ive tried the compatibility work arounds and no joy any ideas?
  10. Is the HDD making lots of noise as if it is running something, yet you can not account for that activity? If your answer is yes, I'd recommend you get your security software updated and start conducting full system scans. Last time I had a PC that was working overtime for no reason was due to a virus.