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  1. Well, it's the future and it's here. The main issue at the moment is the player base dragging their heals and resisting change: give enough people a bit of time to adapt and things will rapidly improve Well the issue here is making sure you are a member of a Brigade that has people online during the hours you normally play. If your Prime Time is the same as your Brigades Prime Time, then there is no issue - there will always being people in your Brigade to play. The requirement of the person creating the mission to go ahead and lead it is a no-brainer. If all available mission posters are in game, then logically you would assume that they would be leading missions. Or, you pop open Brigade Chat and enquire as to why there are no open missions. The whole concept of a Mission Leader is to bring together players - if the ML decides that there is no point in continuing, then he can stop people wasting resources. If you CTD and come back to the game, you are automatically taken back to your mission, which is reopened: very handy for the unexpected exits from the game. What happens if you accidentally back out one click too far and close your mission - and it was vital - say a MS to an FB bust - not that would be stupid. How is it Dumb? Why do you require 15 missions from the same FB, to hit the same target town. You do not. There are no "maximums" for particpitants in a mission, so this isn't a problem. The whole idea is that is brings together the people online: if there are 25 people online in your Brigade, and only 1 mission poster, then all 25 of you should be focussing your efforts on the same thing: rather than having 8 different missions taking place, with one or two people on each. Priority removal is the first stage in the overhaul of rank and "mission effectiveness" - fighting with your 'home' Brigade will, in time, earn you more "points" that going away to fight temporarily with another Brigade, just because they have more going on. See above for CTD If there were no officers then there would be no missions in the first place. It is upto your Brigade to ensure that they have peak times covered by someone with enough Rank to post and lead missions.