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  1. Problem came back again today. Would be good to have a Rat's opinion about this issue.
  2. It seems to be ok for me now, even without VPN.
  3. Yeah connecting to training was always fine but campaign server was not possible. It's just that someone suggested connecting to training would solve the problem and allow to connect to the campaign one. Never worked for me. Have you guys tried using a VPN? This solved my issue.
  4. I'm in. No idea what happened, I didn't even reboot or anything. Problem is I have that "some kind of internal error" from KFSONE message. EDIT: Don't know if it's a coincidence or not but using a VPN seems to have solved my problems. Maybe the server didn't like my IP...
  5. Same problems here. I'm either stuck at the Authentification or at the connection to chat host. Yesterday was fine; rest of my connections are fine today but I just can't log in.
  6. Damm, that's terrible :-(. As many people said she was a great individual and an invaluable asset to this game and our community. My thoughts are with her family and friends. !S Keysie, RIP.
  7. Wow. What a tragic news. Since you play axis these days, I hope I will see you again and again as my killer because it will mean that you're still alive and kicking. My salute and thoughts go to you and your familly.
  8. OMG!! Welcome home Tatonka, good to see you here.
  9. OMG, its Badger!!! Welcome back Sir.
  10. Your comments are very true Memno. Some of those were already relayed to the Rats but, although some improvements were made, a lot still remains to be done. I agree, stuff link dead links to download the game () give both the Rats and the game a bad image. CRS is a very small team but that should definetely be one of the short-term priorities.
  11. It's good to see a new player being interested in core meta game mechanisms like that. Be careful, before you know it you'll be a HC player Botox
  12. Thanks Evanr, I'll try that tonight.
  13. I recently installed TS but I'm kinda new to that all thing. I can't get Overwolf to work at all when I'm ingame. Is it me or is that just not compatible with the game ? If not is there anyway to have an overlay working ? Thanks in advance.
  14. Just install it, double click on it and select ww2.exe.