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  1. Good stuff. Thx for sharing.
  2. I'd bomb strategic bridges all day.
  3. And we can eliminate bridge auto-repair. Make it like AI is now. No more auto-repair. Stays down until someone repairs.
  4. Bombing needs to be done at 500m AGL and below to have maximum effect (our plane is moving too thus forcing us to drop well below 700m limit). Thats why we bomb at low altitude. Allow our bombs to hurt the enemy above 700m, and you'll see us bomb higher than 700m. Heck, give the Dambusters 5km+ render and we'll still drop it right into the AB bucket. Even on a cloudy day.
  5. Future CINC.
  6. Increase speed that a swimmer drowns in water.
  7. Fix: (I'll copy Moz) Extend range at which infantry are drawn/seen. Bombing at an altitude that allows the use of the actual bombsights should be an option for bombers. Feature: Change factory repair timers from current 4% per hour, to 2% per hour. Not resupply timers but factory repair timers. The rate at which factories (and/or bridges) auto-repair. Right now, factories auto-repair too fast and massive bombing efforts are mitigated within a few hours. Changing factory repair timers will bring lingering damage of factory bombing for both sides, enticing more to go up and bomb/intercept every day to keep the damages high. And bring back a bit of the Air War. Resupply timers can be adjusted accordingly to match any supply needs/issues. Thank you!
  8. Aye. I was just a n00b bomber in those days.
  9. Dambusters used to stream an 'in-flight' movie on our website whilst doing RDP raids. Teamspeak was like "Mystery Science Theatre 3000 @ 15000ft."
  10. This is a good idea.
  11. Aye.
  12. Valid point.
  13. Agreed. I will defer to the masses that clamor for the top-tier stuff, however. It seems really important to a number of folk. And I respect that. And so, I will trudge along in the same Tier-0 Bombers whilst having to face Tier-3 Fighters. Talk about IMBALANCE.
  14. /signed And if it ends in T3, next campaign back to T0. Its not a 'realistic simulation' solution, yet it is a feasible way for folks to fight hard, fight smart, push the map, crush the enemy...and not offend everyone in the process. Folks will know that there won't be a delay in receiving their precious toys in the next campaign.
  15. /signed