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  1. As a bomber, I'd prefer the factory rebuild timers (time it takes a factory to rebuild from 100% to 0% damage) to be slowed from 24 to 48 hours. Then the 'resupply timers' (time it takes a destroyed piece of equipment to return to supply) can be adjusted anywhere as needed and still allow for the factory bombing to keep a lingering effect (enticing continued bombing) separate from resupply timers. Right now, if one side's factories get to 100% damaged, they are all back to 50% in under 12 hours...and back to 0% within 24 hours. Lets double that, so a 100% destroyed factory auto-repairs back to 50% in 24 hours, and back to 0% in 48 hours. And bring the Air War back.
  2. A dream? Against all odds, we have lived this dream for nearly two decades. And we live it still. If Steam can bring in 100 new diehards, thats 100 more than we had before. And it helps this dream stay alive for a little bit longer. Frankly, I don't know what I'll do the day this game/community go offline for good. You guys mean the world to me. When the server shuts down its last, will it feel like my favorite dog just died? Will it feel like a lost loved one? I really don't know. I only know, that on that day, my life will have less in it. Then, all that is left of this dream will be lived for the remainder of my fond remembered story of these very days. Long live WW2OL.
  3. Very cool! Its like what George Lucas said after huge Star Wars release: "Wait until Week-3..." We'll know its a hit (or a one-hit wonder) once its time for all these greentags to subscribe. Here's to hoping.
  4. Its on its way.
  5. Maybe I should go on a diet.
  6. False dawn is realism. It just happened on Monday.
  7. Come on. Everyone knows we're here for the sheep.
  8. In Florida you have 'Summer'...and 'Super Summer'.
  9. Could be part of UI makeover. Color changes with priority. Something like regular missions one color. A squad CO/XO-made missions another color. HC-made missions another color. One could more easily select the mission/leader/goal they wish to join.
  10. Thank you for your time and service to the community.
  11. Agreed.
  12. I love your sig, Sajuk. It rocks *and* it rolls.
  13. Agreed across the board. And we've settled it numerous times before. And we will do it again here soon. In 111s we can actually wreak more 'havoc' per hour of effort than we could in DB7s by choosing one country to put down and keep down. Smaller effort with smaller numbers needed. Then GHC can chase that country's flags around to their heart's content.
  14. No complaint here! +1