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  1. 38t is my favorite Axis tank. I spent many years spawning that little guy in-game. Awesome.
  2. What the heck happened with [our moms]? :^)
  3. To be fair, Factory Bombing never left the game. It was never removed or 'put back in'. A decade ago they changed it from delaying the Tier Progression to delaying Resupply Timers. In 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016, etc...we could bomb the factories to 100% and the effect would be exactly the same as bombing to 100% today. And we quite often did so (for both sides). Only change made since then was how fast each factory auto-repairs the damage done to it (2%/hr). The overall effect of RDP Factory Bombing (resupply timers) has not been changed since like the Bush administration. Because of auto-repair, a single DB7 will have its bombing effects wiped out back to 0% in under 10 hours. A single 111's bombing effect will be wiped out in 24 hours. The latest adjustment to factory repair timers is pretty small. There's just a lot of new folks putting in the time in the air right now to see what it'll do. Like after most campaign starts, I'm confident it'll taper off.
  4. Not sure what the solution is. Though I will say this: I have found that the easiest place to fly a bomber formation is right through the AWS grid that has the AO in it.
  5. Agreed. I believe it'll be easier for us vets to change our keymapper settings (that we are already familiar with), than for new players to try and figure it all out on the fly.
  6. That's 3.5 saved factories total. Allied families thank you.
  7. Allow Reserve account to spawn 111s. That'll fix the RDP war fast. :^)
  8. Agreed. They can play with the Resupply Timers all they want based on population/etc. Keep the factory repair timers where they are at.
  9. Gents
  10. Dustyhc rawks.
  11. Supply in all divisions already wiped out?
  12. Was it necessary to reset all the factory damage?
  13. gents. Very awesome!