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  1. With population, this game is still the best out there.
  2. *cheer*
  3. Agreed. *thumbs up*
  4. Agreed. Ju-88 and Wellingtons to balance the Air War. *thumbs up*
  5. So like a 'half-squadron' of RAF/FAF sharing every airfield on the map? Interesting.
  6. Kinda like Brussels having those 'foreign' French forces. Or UK. Or USA. Don't they know Brussels is the capital of Belgium?!? Or maybe...they are all 'allied'. *rubschin* I love ya, Delems. I really do. Your forums posts are a legend in themselves. I think yer just having some harmless fun trolling us all a bit. And thats cool.
  7. Understood.
  8. 'Flipped' garrisons have a resupply timer penalty if not changed within 10 minutes of new ownership. Switching back and forth quickly on a whim is not a feasible option. Currently, If a town garrison is replaced with a new country's troops after 10 minutes of new ownership, it takes extra time for the supply to build up (simulating a garrison leaving and a new garrison coming in). Hope this helps.
  9. Amiens is not a British factory now. It is a French factory that has an RAF garrison there defending it. RAF garrison was added to French Factory area (and FAF garrison added in England) to give choice to the playerbase. Now they can choose which plane to fly in those sectors. Same reason we used to mix RAF and FAF flags at factories in the past: player choice. Same situation with Berry/Reims and Lille/Seclin. Two close airfields now with RAF/FAF garrisons for players to choose from. The 'town' is still the same country (Belgium/France/England). The garrison force defending it just changed. Hope this helps.
  10. *cheer*
  11. Thank you for your hard work.
  12. Until Rebel shows up.
  13. BEGM crashing as well. Not sure how that is fixed though.
  14. 42 reasons to get excited. *nosetouch* Or are Ju saying there is 88 reasons to get excited? *drool*