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  1. WWII Online 'Kinder & Gentler' TOP TEN: 10) After KIA, play 'Sending Virtual Hug' gif. 9) Every fifth round shoots poofs of positive affirmation. 8) When a Rat mods a post, they must type 'Bippity-Boppity-Boo!'. 7) Super Mario Theme at every CP capture. 6) Change 'The Hanger' title to 'Angry Man-Love'. 5) When cloud cover emerges, play scratchy gramophone of Gene Kelly breaking into song. 4) Next to 'Like This', add new 'Giggity' button. 3) New exclusive 'Rainbow Room' DLC. 2) Replace Spawn Delay with 'KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!! Delay' 1) ...A fund-raiser.
  2. gents!
  3. OK...what cannon?
  4. Eliminate it for population, and I'd support this for KIA/MIA. Short timer for infantry, medium for armor, longer for air/navy.
  5. Introducing DB-7 in Tier-1 might be the quickest (and easiest) solution to help balance the bomber-war. Especially as a stop-gap move between now and when other bombers can be coded into game. This gives the Axis the historical bomber advantage they had at the start of the real-war, allows for the DB-7 to be more-easily 'catchable' by Tier-1 interceptors when it arrives, and pushes the Allies to utilize the Blenheim more in T0. Interestingly, much of the '1,000-Bomber Raids' that RAF Bomber Command put together even in 1942 still had a good percentage of Blens.
  6. Agreed. This is awesome!
  7. Holy awesomeness. *cheer*
  8. Well deserved.
  9. They say tiles in Berlin are still a ways off. Lots of work still to do first.
  10. Primary Proposal: Link Allied RDP resupply timers, give Allies 9 factories total to match Axis. Remove 1 Factory Tile from each of Amiens, Abbeville, Montreuil (2 remain in each). Leaving 6 factories in France. Remove 2 Factory Tiles from each of Whitstable, Ashford, Canterbury (1 remain in each). Leaving 3 factories in England. Secondary Proposal: Move 2 Axis Factory Tiles from Essen to Frankfurt. Making 2 in Essen, 2 in Dusseldorf, 2 in Koln, 3 in Frankfurt.
  11. I fully support bridge auto-repair being turned off, or lengthened to 48-hr (from current 24-hr).
  12. Welcome gents!
  13. 38t is my favorite Axis tank. I spent many years spawning that little guy in-game. Awesome.