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  1. Excellent. This gives me hope. I'll keep working trying to get it going. Though I don't know computers well, and the extent of my 'work' is uninstalling/reinstalling BEGM and WW2OL. For now, I keep getting this popup on BEGM startup (post-patch): --------------------------- Unhandled Exception (BEGM v1.3) --------------------------- Congratulations, you've made Battleground Europe Game Monitor crash! Could you please press <Ctrl>+C to copy this information and paste it in an email to along with what you were doing at the time. This will help the developer to identify and fix the problem. System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at Xiperware.WiretapAPI.HCUnit.CompareToName(HCUnit other) at System.Collections.Generic.GenericArraySortHelper`1.DepthLimitedQuickSort(T[] keys, Int32 left, Int32 right, Int32 depthLimit) at System.Collections.Generic.GenericArraySortHelper`1.Sort(T[] keys, Int32 index, Int32 length, IComparer`1 comparer) --------------------------- OK ---------------------------
  2. BEGM now crashes on startup after latest patch (new towns added).
  3. Until Rebel shows up.
  4. Agreed.
  5. 42 reasons to get excited. *nosetouch* Or are Ju saying there is 88 reasons to get excited? *drool*
  6. Drop rates, and many current players will sub even more accounts for their friends/family to use. I have multiple friends/family that will not pay $15/mo to play this game with me. But they do play when I sub *for* them.
  7. Do nothing...people get ticked. Do something...people get ticked.
  8. +1 This. Other folks can argue about whether bridges should 'require' an AO or not. We aren't asking for that. We're simply asking for more Bridge AOs with faster clear timers. All still set/cleared by HC. I agree wholeheartedly with Delems (*gulp*).
  9. Whenever population rises to near 3 AOs. Something magical happens.
  10. I fully support these changes. Especially visual distance (going back to pre-fishbowl, if possible), and realistic aircraft stress being tops on the list.
  11. I'm happy with just Vehicle Spawn open to bomb damage, if there's not a way to cap partial damage on both. This gives bombers something to bomb, AAA something shoot during FB defense, and infantry engies (with LMG/tank support) will still be needed to assault the Infantry Spawn.
  12. I agree with these.
  13. Is it possible to turn damage 'ON' for one of the spawns (Vehicle or Infantry) and leave the other immune? That would allow for 'partial' bombing.
  14. I support this move. 50% dmg cap sounds about right. If 'partial' damage is not feasible in the code, perhaps letting bombers take down FB vehicle spawns entirely, while leaving infantry spawns impervious. He-111 should maintain bombload advantage here (less 111 bombs needed to bring dmg to 50% cap).