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  1. I'm happy with just Vehicle Spawn open to bomb damage, if there's not a way to cap partial damage on both. This gives bombers something to bomb, AAA something shoot during FB defense, and infantry engies (with LMG/tank support) will still be needed to assault the Infantry Spawn.
  2. Is it possible to turn damage 'ON' for one of the spawns (Vehicle or Infantry) and leave the other immune? That would allow for 'partial' bombing.
  3. I support this move. 50% dmg cap sounds about right. If 'partial' damage is not feasible in the code, perhaps letting bombers take down FB vehicle spawns entirely, while leaving infantry spawns impervious. He-111 should maintain bombload advantage here (less 111 bombs needed to bring dmg to 50% cap).
  4. Makes sense. Ooh, and spawn campers tally kills 10 at a time!
  5. Fair enough. I guess its the difference between perspectives. One views the solution as the developer should 'code' the gameplay we desire. Another may view it as the players should 'create' the gameplay we desire. I'm not sure if the best way is one...or the other. Maybe its a bit of both.
  6. Understood. But don't we already have the ability to this ourselves right now? Do we need it 'coded' in? I'm not saying its 'wrong' to code it in. I'm just confused about the problem as stated. It seems we as a playerbase can already do this in-game if we wanted to.
  7. As it is now: can't people spawn in, wait 10 seconds for friends to spawn, and then move in together? Or must it be 'forced' spawn-grouping? Can we simply not control ourselves for 10 seconds before charging in alone? Must we ask CRS to 'make' us group up together, when we already have the control to do that ourselves?
  8. I agree with 6-3-1.
  9. Excellent suggestion. Great improvement. Thank you!
  10. SYSTEM is currently telling us between 7pm & 9pm Central Rat Time.
  11. Requesting added keypress to fine-tune (and slow-down) the Bombsite Altitude Increase/Decrease speed. For years, we have been bouncing the altitude settings back and forth trying to get it close to correct with course adjustments. A fine tuner (like a 10:1 telescope focuser) would work. Shift-PageUp & Shift-PageDown would work just nicely. Thanks for considering!
  12. 88s may make a comeback.
  13. MAybe the 'hitch' command could put them into the hold. Just like a paratrooper into a plane.