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  1. it appears to be working fine now, so no worries
  2. The first time i ran it it just ran and finished. I launch the game again and it repeats the patch process. I launch the game the thrid time and it says the exe my short cut is pointing to is missing. I then download the game and start fresh. after installation it created a new shortcut. I double click on that and it runs the patcher. The game never loads, so I doube click on the short cut again and it runs the patcher again. I repeat this exactly 5 times. Ijust won't run. I then dig into the install folder and I see a file WWII.exe I double click that instead of the exe my shortcut is pointing to. The game load but in a screen where I cannot enter the world. I then double click on the short cut and it magically works. I'm in game now and am wondering if I log out, will I be able to get back in!
  3. is there a difference I see in chat in game people call it an MS one day and then an FMS the next day. I was wondering if different trucks deploy a stronger spawn?
  4. it always does
  5. I say add 1 turret to the FMS that is capable of firing at tanks and airplanes.
  6. Because I get to actually drive a Tiger tank. How come I never see them in the real war?
  7. If I want to create a mission, how do I do it? And what's up with mission I pick and then there are no AO's? what's the point of that mission, I'm sure I'm missing something.
  8. How to you stick the HEAT or HE on a tank? I was all over the F'in tank, I could have cooked a meal on it, every-time I left clicked the HEAT package moved forward but didn't stick, wtf? I rage logged
  9. how do you build sand bag walls
  10. how do i know what type of sound I have? I never ever checked that, it was always what processor and video card do you have.
  11. thanks for the tips. it is possible he saw me b4 i started shooting. From my pov, it looked otherwise. it looked like I fired, and he automagically reacted. but as you said he prolly saw me before I fired.
  12. I would like global death spam so you can see who is killing who and a in game leader board where it tallies your kills but on for the period you are logged in, once you log out its wiped. In DAOC they had that. One day I played for 4 hours straight and racked up 94 kill and only 4 deaths. It's a badge of honor that gets worn by one person at a time ,but changes hands frequently.
  13. So last night I had a guy from the side, I know he didn't see me because I didn't fire right away and he proceeded in the direction he was headed. I right clicked to get him in my sights, he was sprinting. I missed, he instantly rotates in the proper direction and picks me off. If this scenario were reversed, I'm sure I wouldn't have know where I was hidden. I was partially exposed, shoulders and head, damn leaves annoy the hell outta me. So, are there cheat bots like in battle field.? I hate cheaters. I never cheat in a game even if I know the person is a cheater, I generally just leave the game.