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  1. My lcd is running on native resolution.Benq x2200w (1680*1050), i even tested it with my old crt and the problem occures there allso so i doubt it has anything to do with the monitor, thanks for the idea tho.
  2. Yep, after going trought some old screenshots it definefly used to display just fine. Anyone else having this problem?
  3. As mentioned in my orginal post i did update the graphics drivers and it didnt actually help at all, maybe i should reinstall the game or something. And like frantic0 said it used to be just fine.
  4. oh well, guess i have to live with that then
  5. nope im refering to the middle line of the sight that isnt displaying at all.
  6. There is new screenshot included at the post now.
  7. Well, i have been having this odd problem for a while now. The sight isn't displaying correcty when im outside of gunsight view. So far i have tryed different resolutions, gamesettings and allso updated graphics drivers. Evrything else seems to be working correctly but not the sight in 109. If there is something i can do about it help would be apriciated. oh, and the graphic card im using is Geforce 8800gts.
  8. Here is my experiences from campaign 43 and intermission after it. - Name: Project boom - Size: 162.2mb - Lenght: bit over 12min - Quality should be pretty good as long as you dont stream it from filefront, just download it - Material from air and ground. http://files.filefront.com/Project+boomwmv/;9992786;/fileinfo.html I wish some feedback, either negative or positive, it's my first movie. - Jubax