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  1. Kinda glad to see the game is still kickin… See some old names in here. What are things like lately?
  2. Ok nope not the culprit still does it
  3. OMG I b sooo stoopid. I had inadvertently unchecked "remember me" DUH
  4. I wasn't sure where to put this thread so if it needs to be moved no worries. If I log into the forums on my cell phone I seem to have to log back on repeatedly within the same visit. As if a timer or cookie or something expires in 3-5 minutes or if I tab to another browser and come back. Started happening last week if I recall.
  5. Our hearts and prayers to you and yours. We are with you. I hope our friends in the community and their families are safe. We are with you. Absolutely no excuse for such an atrocity. May you heal. May you find those responsible and hold them to the justice your countrymen deserve. As long as it takes run them to the end of the earth and eradicate this nonsense. Vibe La France!
  6. had to change to "Use Primary Connex" while it took forever and threw a tcp error at start it finally got me in... not sure if related, but the ts server seems a bit garbally too.
  7. I got those now too
  8. Again.... GDI >>> FIX THIS ****
  9. GDI CTD... Spawn Delay... Jeezus
  10. CTD on respawn. Died. Went to Respawn - CTD'd. It produced no error log though- which I found odd.
  11. Seems to be an issue this version. The mini map, the final campaign and today- blow ur ea up and no credit.
  12. 4 FN KILLS and CTD out of blue on RTB. CMON GDI 1 4278526465 1323566619 1312 3515903376 0 3765269347 1997846311 1997846311 9188361 7574576 5743617 5741062 5752558 5752558 5752535 5752535 5752535 0 GL Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation|Renderer: GeForce 9800 GTX/9800 GTX+/PCI/SSE2|C++ Exception: class std::bad_alloc bad allocation at address 7714B727 $Id: wwiiClientMessages.cpp 3678 2010-05-18 08:10:04Z osmith@CRS $ This file contains data on the last abnormal application termination that is used to submit crash information automatically to Playnet. Data solely describes the fault and does not contain any system/personal identification.