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  1. Kinda glad to see the game is still kickin… See some old names in here. What are things like lately?
  2. Our hearts and prayers to you and yours. We are with you. I hope our friends in the community and their families are safe. We are with you. Absolutely no excuse for such an atrocity. May you heal. May you find those responsible and hold them to the justice your countrymen deserve. As long as it takes run them to the end of the earth and eradicate this nonsense. Vibe La France!
  3. Bogol and Zuph have been great to fly with!
  4. I think its on the server side
  5. I keeping getting this long delay after entering PW and then "timed out during authentication" HELP
  6. this will sound stupid but have you tried another pair of headset? Or speakers- static or no? In my case it was a short in the line from the cable twisting and untwisting.
  7. I type .benchremagen and it responds overide spawn for benchmarking Remagen and then.... nothing happens (
  8. Sorry Szy- it gave me the credit on your hurri. Wicked cool event! I got 8 hits on hurris- 2 kills Szy & Apauc. Got killed by the horde on rtb- xhammerx
  9. I just saw on my CPUz that memory is running at 667MHz, but is capable of 1333MHz. DDR3 1600 I bought ASRock M3A770DE MB, Gskill DDR3 PC 1600 Mem and AMD Phenom II X2 550 How/where do/what do I need to do to get the Memory running at 1333? The mobo manual is fairly poor on the subject.
  10. I have an AMD processor- is there a known issue with AMD and the map?
  11. I hear we are getting free dental plans!