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  1. ill take any fighter slot but if thats not available ill take a stuka
  2. Ever since i moved into this apartment my internet has been pretty crappy. I have also noticed that my rounds arent doing the damage that they were when i had a better connection. Could the two be related?
  3. must be oyajis amazing flying abilities
  4. Why didnt i get a kill on yoou after i blew you the **** away north of aalter?
  5. My thoughts on this game is that its one of the cheapest forms of entertainment there exists, so the money is not really an issue. The main issue is that you guys have a price increase without news of any important new features. If you guys said that you were making a new set of planes or were reworking the strat war i would be happy to pay to 20$ a month since im in texas and have to deal with that sales tax. But the price increase comes at a time when numbers are already down and i see no worthwhile plans for the future. I would think you guys understand that most people don't give a **** about new infantry models or new trees. I guarantee if you make RDP bombing relevant again you will get an increase in subscriptions. The only way i will resub next month is if i can have a reasonable idea of what's on the horizon for this game. I mean seriously, in the past few years you guys have ruined the air war with A.S.S., gheydar, ammo counters, bionic ears, FRU's, limited AO's, weather (big one right there), and totally neutering the RDP aspect of the game.
  6. dMXlFx7ml-M
  7. whats up obrien? havent seen your black *** in ages
  8. can't believe i did'nt see this before
  9. i wonder if they check the recruitment threads for porn and stuff lol
  10. bump for my post count
  11. what if the west *****slapped the reds outta poland and hungary?