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  1. running from a group of spitfires and i do a full roll to check my 6 and i notice 2 low, both grey, and 1 directly above them. A second later i hear rounds hitting me very accurately although i don't see any tracers fly past me or puffs of smoke in the distance from cannons. After my tail is taken off i am still looking around and dont see or hear a thing. Hotrod and i were on the training server a week or so ago and there were a few times where he was completely invisble to me but could still kill me.
  2. Not sure if it's a new bug or not but it just happened to me on the live server and i have confirmed it on the training server on multiple occasions.
  3. unfortunately that doesnt work all the time. Remember the 109 "fix". It was supposed to make everything better but it ended up causing people to unsub. I remember questioning it before it was implemented and all i hear was "This will only change stick input and nothing else".
  4. i notice a considerable distance between 90 and 60 on certain planes. Other planes like the spit1 it seems like you cant go below 120.
  5. You keep trying to find ways to screw us
  6. well i tried everyhitng but i cant fly right
  7. i hate it i am unhappy and i want itt back now!!!
  8. The problem seems much worse now. I never used to flop at low speed but now i can hardly do any low speed maneuvers before i spin out of control.
  9. You guys probably have never heard of this one as it's been going on for 5 years but every hour or so my screen locks up and it says connection to host lost and it boots me out of game.
  10. just got killed by bofors and then i killed the process and guy didnt get kill
  11. i mgonna test it right now
  12. i think its true because i got killed a few days ago. Pilot dead and plane hitting the ground. my game locked up so i killed the process and no one got kill on me.