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  1. Yes it is a saitek....I tried to re-calibrate but it didn't seem to help.
  2. When flying a plane my joystick pulls hard right so much I can't fly. I didn't do this before the update. The audio is still a mess as well making it hard to play when you can't tell where incoming is at. FPS is still bad in big battles. The number of F-up things going on right now makes it really hard to keep playing this game.
  3. I got the auto update for 1.30.2 but when I try to install it I get a Installation error. It says " The following install step failed: preflight script for World War II Online". How do I fix this? Starting to get very frustrated with the new 1.30 versions!!!!!!!!
  4. I just downloaded 1.30 and am having terrible FPS problems to the point of the game being unplayable. I can also see thru the walls of buildings, which would normally be great! but it's hard to tell where the windows and doors are. The audio also sounds terrible, which I read might have gotten better although I haven't been back on the game since the FPS makes it unplayable. Any idea when these Mac issues will be addressed? I have a Macbook Inter core Duo 2.4 GHz 4 GB of Ram with a Nividia GeForce 9400m graphics card
  5. It's for a vehicle and I'm on a Laptop.
  6. I am using a Macbook Pro booted up in Windows to Play. I used to play on the MAC version and to Zoom in my view it was the fn key and period. I can't seem to find what zooms view on the PC version. HELP!!!
  7. When I launch WWII it is upside down on my monitor. I have a Macbook Pro but am booting up in windows XP to play the game.