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  1. Still have problem with stats. I reported that topic in september and still the same. As tonight if i looked at my Player Stats/ Sniper i have 68 sorties/356 Kills and when i looked at Performance ( all players ) Player TopList/Snipers 68 sorties/327 Kills , so after only 2 weeks in this campaign, i am missing 29 kills...
  2. wierd ,i installed ati 11.6 new driver last day and got some lag ingame 1sec mini freeze every 30 sec like, then returned to 11.5 and run good,no lag at all. igot a 6870.
  3. Hum dont know but i got a 6870 and 11.5 and no problems in any game.. got windows 7 32bits. have 35-60 fps ingame, no lag...
  4. Same here, i got a audigy 2 with csmm enable like he was in 1.32 and before the surround was very good but now the surround is very bad, all my driver are up, the new sound engine need some tweak because now is so hard to play with the curen sound i use headphone .
  5. Windows 7 32bit Quad Q9550@3.6 HD6870 1Go 4gig ram audigy 2zs Hp l2445m 24inch 1920-1200
  6. I got a 6870 1go and got no ploblems with any games. 6870 is better. Check the review here
  7. I got a Q9550@3.6ghz, ati6870, 4gig, and got 20-35 fps in fight, no fight i got 60-80fps.
  8. I got this bug when they are in AB veh. gtx275, last driver.
  9. I got the same problem ,was there in 1.30 , i got gtx 275 with new driver ,only when you look on binoc or commander tank the tree are flickering at long distance
  10. when he ask for credit card number i enter my number with mastercard but got a error...?
  11. yea, i have a E-8400 @ 3.8ghz, gtx 275, 4 gig, all driver up to date, , in 1.30 in big fight i have like 40-60 fps ,in beta with little fight 25-35 fps ...
  12. Try downloadind Alchemy from sound blaster website, this small sofware fix the 3dsound and CMSS 2 feature in games, just add the folder of the game exemple..C:\Program Files\CRS\Battleground Europe in Alchemy and run the game, 3d sound should work fine now.