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  1. Need Bushman to come out of the woods now.
  2. You have my Rifle! And soon, probably M10
  3. issue found, its to do with the auzentech X-plosion soundcard, most likely the drivers (latest) switched the WW2OL soundcard over to the prelude and no hard lockups since.
  4. computer 100% stock with no overcloaking or high performance parts. no other game (eve maxed, lots of games on steam) have given the same results. heatsinks dust free. i have removed the anti virus and anti adware from the PC just in case it was them, going to continue testing.
  5. game resets computer after about an hour of play. no symptoms of its onset other than lock up (distorted sound and all) and then computer restart.
  6. neithr side moves into or attacks hasselt till its fixed?
  7. server came down again today, rats are keeping a close eye on it.