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  1. Need Bushman to come out of the woods now.
  2. You have my Rifle! And soon, probably M10
  3. im running a intel E2160, it hurts. dreading 1.31, trying to find out if my motherboard will take a quad core and 4 gig of ram.
  4. T34 is common, PPSH is around alot as well. browing M2 although i think thats more WW1, bren was till recently and might still be in some smaller older countries. the T34s engine is in the T55 so thats a commonly used thing
  5. goto start menu, run, open that. in the box type dxdiag and click run. that will show what your running, put the CPU motherboard and current ram details here
  6. i get a CTD every time i alt tab, royally pissing me off.
  7. there is a school south of Rotorua with a ANZAC memorial to 6 brothers that went to that school that died in the war, the family still lives in the area. more good reading. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Military_history_of_New_Zealand_during_World_War_II
  8. i noticed this last night with successive shots from a M10 useing a audigy 2 platinum pro.
  9. you know im always keen for some DAC attack kilo
  10. where is it exactly? best idea would be to contact the local council and talk to them about it. if you want me to i can contact them and inquire about it.
  11. 17 minimum is fine, i played with 17 max in firefights for a while and had no issues. 45 is more than fine, you are going from looking at no polys to looking at heaps and you are expecting to have no hit in performance.
  12. the numbers say the generartion and model. 6th generation and a low end is a 6300. 7th generation and high end is a 7900 4th generation and a mid range was a TI4400 or TI4600 and so on. its not false marketing, its showing what the card is and where it sits in the grand scheme of things.
  13. 6600GT was the new TI4200.
  14. they 8400 and 8600s will.
  15. yup which makes my game unplayible. netcode 2 kept it stable.
  16. dont get SLI, get a single 8800GTS and it will still run faster. 2 video cards in SLI cannot run indipendantly. ditch the ECC ram and get normal DDR2. and make sure your PSU is SLI certified, like the Silverstone Striders.
  17. audigy 2 ZS is your best bet. as much as i loathe creative its the only thing out there that is cheap. the HDA line is another option but only the X-Meridian is worth buying for headphones. if not for headphones then the X-mystique and X-plosion are billiant.
  18. 1. Do you have a CTHL (Connection To Host Lost) or a CTD (Crash To Desktop)? If you don't see the dialog box "Connection To Host Lost", it is probably a CTD and you should have two files in your /Battleground Europe/ folder: ww2error.log and ww2errinfo.log. 2. Which type of CTHL do you have? A. A 'freeze' after about 45 seconds and then the CTHL dialog? this one. B. The message "Chat connection lost" in the chat buffer and then the CTHL dialog? C. The CTHL dialog but no stutter or pause, and the ability to still use chat and /report (though the screen will grey out) 3. Did you have these CTHLs before 1.23.4? no 4. What is your internet connection type (dial-up, dsl, cable, fiber)? 2mb peak 512 constant on average 5. What are your download and upload speeds (if known)? 128k upload 6. What is your CPU? AMD64 3500 7. Does this CTHL happen in a consistent place in the game world? longer i play the higher the chances of a CHTL 8. Does this CTHL happen in a consistent situation? at random 9. Does it happen on the Training server? (the training server logs extra information on our side that KFS1 and Martini can look out) have not tried yet 10. It is consistently reproducable (we're looking most for ones that are)? occurs at random times 11. Are you available between 3 PM and 6 PM US Central time to help our team test? (This would be done remotely) like to put that in NZ time? 12. Is there anything else about the CTHL that seems relevant? good sign that one is on the way is the UI tends to lag a bit (numbers fixed - bloo can't count)
  19. X1600XT is about as fast as a 6600GT. dont expect miracles from it.
  20. take note that the X300 is a 9200 on a PCIE bus, find someone with a 9200 and you will get your average performance. i would suggest looking at the 6200 cards, they get close to the 9600pro in terms of performance but are rather cheap. just make sure you get one with a 128bit memory bus on it.
  21. this game is more CPU based than GPU, getting 2 7800GTXs would be a better idea mainly because of the Nforce 4 chipset.
  22. thanks krieger!
  23. still have the issue, running LCD native res in everything on the PC (1280x1024) hope CRS fixes this. and about the bloom with FSAA, only the ATI X1*** series cards can do both.