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  1. contact me at facebook, to get added, I make all recruits members Thanks for your interest.
  2. how bout when a plane drops bombs or tank or vehicle blows up, it creates a crater or dent in the ground.... that be cool
  3. its a suggestion, how bout a way to create squad Emblems
  4. can u advertise this game on facebook or somewhere, because this game is just amazing and it be better with more and more players.....
  5. Honestly, the swimming speed could be a little faster... it takes like 10 minutes sometimes especially when ur near enemy and want to go left or right to avoid detection, and hey why not add the feature of UNDERWATER swimming... just an idea!
  6. The game is Amazing!!! but.... when i fire some of the AA/AT Cannon guns they sound something like a laser gun from star wars, (peww, peww, peww peww)
  7. For players who are new to the game, it might be helpful to open a WWII Online Channel on Youtube, and make How To Videos for people new to the game and understand the gameplay better.
  8. it would be cool to see a live chat from all the people who play the game at the MAIN MENU. something like a shout out blog chat or something.
  9. How bout an option to add people you meet online to a friendlist or war buddy list, so every time you log on you can see who is on that your friends with and stay connected. i met alot of awesome and friendly people who play the game, they gave me so many great tips and advice, days later i cant even find those people on here just to say hi or hows the gaming been or what did i miss when logged off. =(
  10. this is false advertisemnet i applied and got nothing back
  11. Who else find it complicated to make a simple squad? why does this game make it complicated just to make a squad, i asked help several times and no one seems to actually care. the game is amazing but customer care is horrible. please make CREATE A SQUAD option easier.