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  1. It would be nice if next intermission is "Zeeland mini campaing"?! lotsa navy action etc...
  2. Just read those others post...
  3. I hope they change capping system that we dont need to fight in big town anymore..
  4. In this intermission can we get "Battle of Britain!!!" Allied have Towns in England only and both side have only one ao even high pop. pliiiz -nup
  5. after 1.29 i cant play 2 account on same computer anymore. one account takes over 1gt memory. 1.28 one account takes only 800mt memory and 2gt mem i can run two account on same computer. sometimes when i was flying i saw that game takes 1gt memory and after i fly about 30min game takes 1,5gt memory!? memleak or feature? Is there some tweaks or settings which would help about that mem problem? Or only help for two account problem is "buy more ram"?
  6. So.. CRS will fix this next patch or we must fix it itself by "buy more ram" - method?