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  1. Using winXP... De-installed 1.30, fresh install of 1.31, copy my old cfml folder into the doc's and settings folder for BE and it works fine!
  2. Put me down as a Allied Bomber please!
  3. "The DamBusters - not just a squad, a game imbalance"
  4. I would like to thank Jammymann for putting in the effort! Respect Sir! Would have been great if we had call numbers and spread people out...making it fun for everyone in the form of being fair as pos! I know if I was in a fighter, Brit, French or Axis...I would have enjoyed a fight more than just a turkey shoot I think we can only learn and use that to make it better next time! S!
  5. Click to join the Training Server
  6. Sounds great..can't see all 3 targets being destroy by 3x 24 DB7s/havocs without dedicated Bomber pilots, but it's a lot of planes? (No disrespect...prove me wrong!) And no reason not to try..... I'll be there with my DB7 (unless you can get me a B17) S! Edit...put me where you see fit!
  7. Want some fun?...come join the craziest punch of guys in game...I've heard that kizmit and Barely have sheep to spare! (Seen some woolly ones in their flocks too) Learn to Level Bomb Learn to pilot a bomber Created by a real pilot !!! S! Codguy