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  1. One gripe I have about the way defending objectives works in this game is that it is heavily dependant on people being willing to hunker down in a small enclosed space and staring at a wall. I think we can all agree that this isn't very fun. One way to prevent this could be to simply give a visual indication on the map if a CP is being captured. I know this would probably eliminate those sneaky ninja tactics of flanking far around to snatch a CP away from the defending party if they are not careful but let's be honest.. Shouldn't the focus of capturing a CP be on active teamwork and a Squad taking and securing a sector instead of a lone soldier sneaking behind the frontline? Similarly, said Squad securing a CP perhaps shouldn't all hunker down in one single building aswell. I think it might be better to make capturing speed independant of people within the CP. This way only one or two people could enter the CP to cap while everyone else spreads out and prevents the enemy from counterattacking by securing the perimeter. This way, an area could be properly secured and capturing doesn't devolve into a messy campfest.
  2. I just saw the roadmap and the new plans for WWIIONLINE 2.0 in UE4.. well i'm not sure what the actual plan is. Creating a map in the scale of WWIIONLINE in UE4 is impossible.. I'm not going to claim to be a programmer or have any experience in Game Design but playing Post Scriptum they could barely handle those map sizes... While pretty big for UE4 Standards it's still nothing compared to WWIIONLINE. I cannot possibly imagine how you would ever realise WWIIONLINE in UE4 without making a completely different game. Honestly, you'd probably be better off trying to team up with Post Scriptum to maybe work on a 1940 scenario DLC or something like that. Even trying to realise something like WWIIONLINE 2 in UE4 seems like a waste of time. Why don't you try the TitanIM engine? I know it is mostly just available for military contractors.. But perhaps there's a way to purchase an affordable license. The graphical fidelity isn't really that much better than what we have right now for TitanIM but with the possibility of a 1:1 scaled earth as a playable map you should perhaps think about setting your priorities away from graphics.. like everyone else does.. and stay within the realm that you're more familiar with and which made WWIIONLINE survive to this day: Scale.
  3. Well.. i'm not going to start an argument about the technical side, since you're just guessing as much as I am. But UE4 is definitely not made for huge map sizes especially not for multiplayer. From a thread I found on the UE Forums: " By default size of the world is limited to ~500k units (WORLD_MAX constant in sources). You can still place objects outside of these limits, however you will start experience unstable physics simulation on objects that are too far away from world origin. So it's not recommended to place objects which simulate physics that far, but you can still place visuals (ex. skyboxes usually are much bigger than 500k). Right now engine will stop physics simulation for actors which are outside of world bounds(WORLD_MAX), you can disable this behavior in WorldSettings->Enable World Bounds Check. " The same post says there is a tool for "world origin rebasing" which is supposed to help with maps bigger than this but it also explicitally states this tool is still experimental, so probably too unstable to base a serious development endeavour on, and also not suitable for multiplayer games. Another argument is the sheer size of the file which a WWIIOL sized map with the levels of detail shown in the screenshots would have to be. On another note.. I can't really confirm your performance issues with the view distance in WWIIOL and I disagree that the huge view distance is not important and should be sacrificed. The View distance limitations in Squad and Post Scriptum are very much noticable, especially in hilly maps in Squad. HMG's completely lack the utility they would realistically have in such a terrain just because you can only see half as much from an elevated position as you could in real life. Especially Close Air Support would have a WAY harder time making out targets than they already have. Honestly, the rendering distance for infantry should be increased. You cannot see moving infantry in a plane from a distance where you should realistically still be able to make them out.
  4. Advertisements are best organized in campaigns. Setting up ads on any platform costs money over time so it's best to start a marketing campaign over one or two months when you have something concrete to show off, like a new content patch, to also get inactive players back and have people actively talking about the game for a certain timeframe. The goal there is to concentrate on a single timeframe to use all the ressources allocated to the marketing budget and drown out the competition by buying ad space on multiple platforms, getting influencers on board, hosting events etc. If CRS were to use the same ressources to only buy Facebook ads but over a longer period of time it wouldn't nearly have the same effect since a single source of communication isn't enough to garner attention. People are bombarded with all sorts of services vying for their attention. It takes a lot more than a few ads on a single platform to garner attention nowadays.