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  1. Yeah this was my thought too. At the moment the balance is skewed way too heavily towards 'harder than reality' in some ways, especially for new players. I fully agree, no kill cams for me, it would punish good players and inordinately hurt anyone from being able to hide. I agree - if those things were possible it'd help, but I feel like they're not going to truly show any player the kind of immersion that would make up for the way people play a game. For example, we wade into CP's without caution, machine guns spraying wildly. In reality, virtually NOBODY would have done that because of the old 'fear of death' factor. Because people play the game like that, even enhanced audio cues would be unable to mitigate the rambo style tactics you see. Think of this as being like 'Sting' (the dagger, not the singer...) in Tolkien, except it would only be triggered by the carelessness of your enemy. For example, if someone was truly sneaking in an area with solid ground and no environmental noises to trigger, they could avoid alerting the other person, until they were within a few feet. If they ran, then even from 20 metres away, they would be audible as a threat in real life, so a very brief glow on the screen to simulate that would go a long way towards mitigating the feeling that out of nowhere, you hear a click and a groan. If you get taken out by a sniper or rifleman from a few hundred yards then that's fine, nothing would change, but in close quarters, it is glaring how little realism there is. Ironically, that may be able to be mitigated by visual aids.
  2. As an example, one side of the screen (up, down, left, right) could glow for a second occasionally to simulate some of those tiny things that we pick up on in our peripheral vision and hearing. Does this make sense to people? I'm spitballing, but I realised this morning that whether you're new or old, the sudden, frustrating, unexplained death is the single biggest barrier to people continuing playing.
  3. Morning I was thinking while watching the latest FB live video that one of the most jarring elements of the game is the lack of any kind of indication about direction, or proximity of anything. On the one hand, sometimes that's accurate, but it always strikes me that in reality, there are often senses that tell us when something is near, small noises and unintentional atmospheric, environmental things such as the scrape of a foot on a coarse floor as you shift balance, the clink of various ammunition, cocking of guns is jarring, even the breathing, sniffing, coughing and muttering of people. We don't have that in game which makes the THUCK black screen so much more jarring. In real life, nobody can walk into a house in the manner that we play and not be known. In game, the footsteps are hard to gauge, and none of those other things make any sound. With that in mind, what I realised earlier on was that for 15 years we've played the game and insisted that as a simulation, we should avoid visual aids or artificial systems. My point would perhaps be, upon thinking about this a little bit more, that we are actually not simulating real life at all. Perhaps subtle indications of direction of nearby enemy (in a building for example, or in bushes, forest etc), or if they are running/walking normally in any situation, would actually help new players and old players enjoy this game more? Something to think about.
  4. This guy is great. Seriously, a good addition to the playerbase and the best YT videos I've seen. Just throws himself in full belt and enjoys it.
  5. This is essential for Steam launch and needs to be front and centre for people to use as a resource. When I started in EVE a few years ago, you can imagine how big the learning curve was in terms of jargon, values of elements and things like that. Understanding things like wormholes would have been impossible without resources like Evewiki and Eve University. The thing to remember with them is that they're logical to people now. They understand the format and the categorisation. The more that good players contribute to these articles and they show new players the way forward tactically and in vehicles especially, the more successful it will be. to those contributing.
  6. Glad to hear you're considering this in the latest audio update. That's what I like about the new CRS, taking on board suggestions and not being afraid to give it a go.
  7. Have you tried it lately? It seems like they've updated and managed to fix a lot of bugs. May be worth considering another test. I was mainly thinking it could help the stopgap until voice comms, or allow you to focus on other stuff in the short term?
  8. I saw Xoom mentioned in game voice chat - with TS being generally terrible according to almost everyone to ever play the game, would it be preferable to perhaps use Discord? Just a thought but I can't see any major limitations, and might allow for more 'on the fly' creation of groups between users who are online together?
  9. Good summary. I was thinking of making a few videos with basic stuff like this.
  10. Abbreviations (stickied at top of this forum): CTD help:
  11. It's been mentioned a thousand times before but I'll just reiterate that I installed this patch and haven't had a single CTD since. As new players there's nothing worse than a CTD just as you're getting into something, so if you're running more than 4gb of ram, try using this patch (you'll need to patch C:\Program Files (x86)\CRS\Battleground Europe\WW2.exe ) and see if it works for you. This isn't CRS software, but a lot of us have tried it and had success with stopping the majority of CTD's. Every so often it's wise to restart your rig too, as it'll improve your performance in some cases. Good luck, anything you need just PM the nearest player with a blue tag by typing: .m they'll most likely stop and help you.
  12. Just seen this, Nice one Smy. Is Jono gone?
  13. Amazing thread, well done and S! to an old soldier.
  14. Courtesy of Oldzeke. Upped for the people asking before server went down today.
  15. This should be stickied. Had to rely on a squadmate (Sorella) for info.