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  1. and ill bet the AP on the PZ2 still never got fixed
  2. i think this is my 2nd post in 10 years...
  3. they did... the ballon bombs over the west cost... some were fire bombs, but sun were plague fleas... i belive we still have black plague in the rockies, but cant say 100% if its from those bombs...
  4. ftp://downloads.wwiionline.com/torrents/wwiiol0001223.exe.torrent not working
  5. bloo, did u ever get my email?...
  6. hmm.. but i didnt get a confermantion email saying i was going to the con, wouldnt i get that?
  7. got this in my email.. also, when i checked my account i found this.. Mar 12 2006 09:22 Successfully joined promo Player Con '06 Pre-Registration. does this mean im signed up for the con?
  8. all curret armor thickness and construction are clasified..