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  1. Noobs! [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Playnet\apps\appid1\instance1]@="""Exec"="ww2.exe""Params"="-serverip $QUAD -serverport $PORT -serverotp $OTP -side $SESSIONID -window 1 -width 1024 -height 768""Path"="C:\\Games\\BATTLE~1""Region"="us""Version"="Battleground Europe"note the path (and maybe other things) must be adjusted to your needs. Me and ...I forgot who ...had a tutorial thread about this
  2. There is a bug with the crosshair on all 3 DD models, that can BADLY effect your rangefinder (which is actually quite good i think). I pósted it 2 times in the past years, sadly Gophur says he can not replicate it (while I could replicate it on 4 different PCs (3 different accounts and actual people). I gave up chasing this matter though ... if the game should revive the navy someday I'd maybe start to care again
  3. Spawned in Orval AB yesterday, walked to axis FB, waiting for a friend to log in. Just when I place my FRU , he logs in and spawns into my FRU. Few seconds later I respawn to take have a Sapper, same moment friend asks me where the FRU is gone (as REALLY no one was there) ... the funny thing is: It was not visible to both of us. The reload (truck) icon was not there ... so it must also have been known to the system that it seems to be gone. Still the FRU was open and I could respawn multiple times no problem, it only really disappeared when the FB was blown. I also did a .report immediately, apart from that I can not give you any other information to reproduce this. But given the seriousness of such a thing (invisible mobile spawn point ... *cough* ) i thought i'd make you aware of this. Here I am looking directly at the FRU. Makes me wonder if I was searching an invisible FRU the other day ...
  4. Now that a strange one then, just went into offline mode quickly and checked it even for all 3 DD types (French/Brit/German), it's always the same, and it's been like that years ago. Have a completely new machine meanwhile, fresh started config. It may not be related, but then again I have seen stranger things happen ... what video card do you have Gophur? The only common thing I had over the years was an NVidia card (although different ones still). Would it help if I make a video of it?
  5. Bump. Tested again and found to be not fixed. TY
  6. I can confirm that, it happens for navy too for example (guess other branches as well). We a bunch of FMBs in a town defense beginning of this map, I would get RTB message upon despawn, but once the supply was depleted, I also couldn't respawn ... waited a while in the spawn list (1min i would say max.) then 1 FMB did show up and I could grab it and spawn. Definately worth a investigation, I have no exact rule to re-produce it but RTBing to an empty spawn point is a good start.
  7. Reported over 2 years ago, I was told it is confirmed but probably fixed past 1.27 ... well it seems technically that answer still can be valid (rolleyes), but I thought I'd give it another try since after my return to the game I am somewhat disappointed to have it still exisiting. One example on how to reproduce ... 1.Spawn DD, go to main gun (pos. 3) 2. set main gun range to 3000+ 3. go to spotter (pos. 2), zoom in, go back to main gun (pos. 3) 4. Now align gun like in picture 5. without leaving pos. 3, decrease range till you line up with horizon (or any other mark you can remember) 6. Now go to pos. 2, zoom in, go back to pos. 3, zoom in, you will find: That means the change of the range and the visual change of the crosshair are out of synch ... i feel that can be EASILY fixed, escpecially since it is so reproduceable. I know it's "only the navy", still back then it was so annoying to know from your experience that this shot MUST hit your opponent, and then you miss for no obvious reason. Such frustration is what drives people away ....