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  1. It's all good. Just having you there having fun is all that's really required
  2. While I've only managed to down enemy aircraft twice with an smg (first being in that video shared by Irish), it is not something I would recommend as a go to option for anti-air. I rely on actual AA weaponry or use LMG's as my go to method.
  3. special event coming up actually......
  4. If the Axis players want the victory train to keep rolling, then hit this link...... Sign up for the event to let me and everyone else know that you'll be there, bringing another glorious victory against the Allies
  5. Keeping this thread alive until the event, guys & gals!
  6. The Axis is being called out btw for that day They've got guys on the forums saying it's going to be easy to roll us over Now I'm not big on speeches nor am I one to back out of a challenge but I'll say this You know who in WW2 rolled over and died? The Axis. One Soviet Zerg rush here and a couple of nukes there and the Axis begged for the end to come and to have the Allied powers push them around. But you know who refused to listen and have other people tell them what to do? That's right...the Axis!!! Everyone told them to not invade Poland or not to steamroll China or be merciful to the French but the Axis didn't want a slice of that crap pie. No sir! They dug in their heels and went to war with the whole damn world and by George they made a name for themselves that lives on in history. They did not go quietly into that good night and neither shall we. So what do you guys want to do? You want to prove the Allies right and let them walk all over us? Or do you want to be remembered as freaking legends? Riding battle sheep into the pages of WW2 Online records! So I ask you again my brothers and sisters.......... Do you want to be like the axis?
  7. Head over to the special events forum and sign up there! See you guys on the 14th as we defeat the Allies
  8. The idea is that on the 14th, everyone here who decides to join (by signing this list) will meet up on the Axis Discord (most likely the General chat room) and work together to fight The Bearded Mitch. BM will be leading the Allied side trying to do the same thing, recruiting volunteers, meeting on the Allied Discord and try to beat us.
  9. I don't know what to say. Thank you. But really I'm just out there trying to do my best and have a good time doing it.
  10. Awesome! =D
  11. Then more videos I shall make =D
  12. I would call it a success. New players such as myself came across it on Steam and fell in love with it
  13. The unofficial song for this game