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  1. glad you enjoyed
  2. Thank you =)
  3. This would not have gone on for so long if not for guys/gals like you! This community alone makes this game awesome. thank you
  4. no worries. thanks for enjoying
  5. Continuing my series of training videos for you new players in the community. I humbly ask veteran players to help guide recruits to some of these videos so that have an easier time learning some of the basics. Thanks!
  6. Just started one
  7. Trying my hand at creating a series of training videos for all the new players to this game. Let me know what other topics should be gone over in the future. Hopefully this will help the new players adjusting to the game so they can have a full/fun experience
  8. Thanks for the support S!
  9. The more people sharing this game the better!
  10. I've returned from my business trip in Texas! I'm already back to creating content on my YT page and more importantly, I'm back to streaming this game! The following is a little highlight reel from the bizarre adventure I had in that stream from Saturday... If you guys and gals enjoyed then let me know and maybe even show my YT page some love. The little support helps lift my spirits and kicks my behind into gear in terms of making more content for you guys.
  11. woo
  12. Pros and Cons to both for sure. One one hand with Defense, it's you and your squad (or even just you!) held up in a bunker in some godforsaken bombed out city. Fending off wave after wave of enemy forces. Smoke grenades covering their advances, one by one your fellow soldiers die and your running low on ammo fast. It's a rush and certainly one of the easier ways to rack up on kills. On the other hand you have Offense... You spawn in and the task is clear; occupy the enemy bunker and secure the town. Only thing in your way is a couple dozen enemy players with nothing better to do and nowhere better to be and camped out in nearly every building and alleyway. Some people don't like the bother of possibly walking/running/driving for over ten minutes to be instantly killed. I find no other adrenaline rush better. Each life on the attack is so much more valuable. So every victory no matter how small is all the more rewarding. Bottom line for me really is that the more people involved, the more fun it is no matter if I'm attacking or defending. Should be the same for you. What I find beautiful about this game is that there's a role for everyone. Like being on the defense more? Awesome! Grab yourself an LMG, hook up with a small team for support and fill the fields with the bodies of fallen enemy infantry foolish enough to try and take your town. You do you!
  13. I lol'd only because somehow it's happened on more than one occasion
  14. I fully support more people to do their own Knife Challenges in the future. Film it, share it, make events out of it, go buck wild!!