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  1. realy lot of good news in this road map. just a question , as I'm not a 3D technician , Is the new 3D Unreal 4 be well designed to create a same 3D world than today? big map , plane and ground unit on the same world etc...
  2. just do the same game with UNreal 3D engine will be a very good start
  3. regarding WWIIOL 2.0 perhaps good time to try again a Kick starter after the Steam release and the new population attracted by the game
  4. Best site regarding B1bis technologie and activities anyway best site regarding french armor
  5. perhaps some information the Wiki too
  6. Thanks for this news links, My project is going forward slowly but regulary
  7. Thanks a lot for these datas ! great
  8. Boardgame are often interessing but complicated too, thanks for links
  9. I'm going to make a scenario on the wargame TOAW III about Battle of France with large scale as this with the game is poor. something nearer to HPS game, with more detailed units. Long work ...., I'm just doing the map for today. Thanks for the new link.
  10. Thanks a lot for this links, very interessing. but perhaps I have missed the good file but I don't find the information about TOE of infanterie Battalion like number on men, rifle, LMG HMG mortar ...
  11. Thanks It's just for a personal project, no relation with WWIIOL
  12. I 'm looking for informations about the equiment of typical infanterie, motorised infanterie, or panzer division / battalion/regiment during 1940 battle of France in terms of material like rifle squad, MG, HMG, mortar etc ... if someone could help me ? thanks
  13. I think your graphic card can' t support the game , you need a better one.
  14. Finally I can't be present for this event; some family obligation