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  1. realy lot of good news in this road map. just a question , as I'm not a 3D technician , Is the new 3D Unreal 4 be well designed to create a same 3D world than today? big map , plane and ground unit on the same world etc...
  2. just do the same game with UNreal 3D engine will be a very good start
  3. regarding WWIIOL 2.0 perhaps good time to try again a Kick starter after the Steam release and the new population attracted by the game
  4. Best site regarding B1bis technologie and activities anyway best site regarding french armor
  5. perhaps some information the Wiki too
  6. same here CTDs while flying and some micro freezes I'm going to try after defrag
  7. I have not only CTDs after respawn but also systemically after a long fly or several during the fly error report if necessary 1 4278657537 1326056538 663 1109188752 0 3765269347 1958197692 1958197692 9189977 7575040 5744545 5742246 5753463 5753463 5753463 5753511 5753463 0 GL Vendor: ATI Technologies Inc.|Renderer: ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series|C++ Exception: class std::bad_alloc bad allocation at address 74B7B9BC
  8. an other CTD after respawn following the usual processus Spawn, fly, death, unit change, spawn .....long wait and CTD an memory error on mi ATI card reported
  9. I have tested several spawn despawn respawn, changing brigade and units without CTD but still long time before spawn. But at very low population host anyway I don' t have this CTD issue all the time it's totaly irregular for me,.
  10. worse for me, can t respawn after 1 mission
  11. me too , I have Netcode 2 disable and have some connection lost with "connection stalled" informations
  12. Helmet : It's ok today , I can't replicate helmet issue. All grenader: - don't have external animation when they place grenade launcher on the gun. - Grenade is throwing behind the soldier. - On standing position, soldier doesn't have animation when he moves his gun.
  13. No texture for me on ALL french helmet, it's goodd for others nations. The left hand is not on the good position on the SMG Win7 64 ATI 5770 Catalyst 10.7
  14. concusion bug on af Gilze Ai AA firing lot of player get it at the same time I despawn and have some difficulties to spawn again, connection issue ?
  15. I'm not developper Sid, I'm Just CL