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  1. Lots of interesting stuff to investigate there, cheers. Some of my recommendations: And many more, if only they'd let us post more than 4 images.
  2. Because after that, they felt there wasn't much they could do for Poland in the short-term and began to think about a long-term campaign.
  3. Wow, I've been getting sound fading in and out, but I thought it was because I'd dropped the volume control in a cup of coffee
  4. Absolutely, a much misunderstood conflict.
  5. Poland's problem is that the fate of the world hinged on the outcome of the war, not just Polands. Either way, British armaments were supposed to be delivered in the Autumn but Germany invaded on September 1st, before they could arrive. Of course it was all over in six weeks after that. Neither country was in a position to wage a war just yet, never mind give any country any substantial help. It's not a case of being able to help, but not bothering, it's a case of not being able to do anything effective generally.
  6. They didn't do themselves any favours by attempting to defend the whole of Poland instead of withdrawing to a defensible line. I'm interested in how you think Britain was supposed to send in these reinforcements you mention.
  7. My fps was ok in the first place and hasn't got worse or better.
  8. Scot, just so you know, CRS have banned SS/**** regalia from the game and forums, I'd suggest you change the name of your squad and remove the SS insignia from your posts.
  9. And suffered terrible losses in the process.
  10. Appears to be an urban myth: "So I eventually landed up in an anti-tank platoon! We were a two-man team and the idea was that if a tank came along we would hide in a fold in the ground and hoped that the German tank - or Italian tank as it was at that stage - would come near enough for me to jump up and stick a crow bar into its tracks so that the tank would have to stop! Then we hoped that the tank commander would say, "Here, here, here, what's happened now?" and he'd open the hatch and put his head out, and my No. 2 would then jump up and pop a hand grenade into the tank!! The best part about this idea was we never did it for real!! We later got good anti-tank guns and equipment which we used, but I'm sure that I would not have survived a single attack had I ever had to try this crow-bar business."
  11. That's the original definition of a sapper - someone who undermines and saps the enemies defences.
  12. When in doubt re-install.
  13. Try going into settings (Start/Programs/Cornered Rat Software/Battleground Europe/Settings) and unticking the "Run SSE2 Executable" option.