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  1. I was thinking it'd be cool if there could be a raffle or lottery for a years subscription to the game as a way of generating money for the game and giving the opportunity for anyone signed up to the lottery or raffle? Just an idea i thought that zoom might approve of.
  2. Hi I'm going to the insomnia gaming event over the easter bank holiday in the UK and i wanted to see if anyone that plays the game would like to meet up. Details for tickets can be found here for the 3 day event. I recall from somewhere else xoom or CRS was offering business cards to advertise the game. That would be great so we can get some much needed fresh blood into the game.
  3. if automated resupply happens it would be better to maybe have players spawn a squad of infantry and have the players tell them to ride on a beddy or opel. That would be a good compromise between full automation and squads manually buffing supply.
  4. f1 through f8 are already taken - i'm not sure you can do shift f5 without it becoming cumbersome. Maybe the idea i hat for a chat wheel to appear has some merit - you just use mb3 to make it appear and then select a single channel to receive and transmit to imo.
  5. what we really need is reduced timers for the underpop side.
  6. if anyone could remember way back the rats had plan on release to simulate everything with ai and then you would just jump into the shoes of the AI - this applied for ships, tanks etc. I kinda like it if we could get the scale or grander of such a game where thinks like dunkirk could be simulated with ai - but maybe the player base doesn't agree anymore. At the very least maybe there could be some consensus on ai to help out tankers, planes etc maybe.
  7. i already posted on another thread a reciever: If CRS can model this then players can turn the frequency dial to tune into voice coms and then press a button to transmit on the given frequency. This could work in tanks as well if they just black out the periphery and show the dial. The above is a british receiver from WW2 British Army Battlefield Wireless Communications Equipment
  8. it'd be good to make it optional. Better yet it allows people to hear whether or not they are chatting locally or across the net.
  9. its probably best to just set a channel and receive from just that channel - even so f1-f5 are already allocated for text chat. so the question arises: do we keep f1-f5 for text chat or restrict it for voice coms.
  10. bump for suggestions on how to control voice comms.
  11. why not allow medics to pick up corpses on the field and let them return them to spawnable to restock supply? might be a good way for f2p or lower ranking players to get points
  12. the problem is you'll never probably get to see the scale of battles with 20,000 a side and ai bots balance out over population. It's also popular in competing games such as ARMA3
  13. bump for better ai in the game.
  14. it should really be half timers if you're on the underpop side to balance out overpop.