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  1. So I map out the keys for my Joystick, hop in a tank, and all seems good, except for when on the gun, the Y Axis is all wrong. When I push forward, the gun elevates, and when I pull back, it lowers. Just the opposite of what I need. Feels all wrong, and I cannot play the game this way. However, I saw nothing that allows me to switch this.
  2. OK, I got a few patches today when I tried to log in. Cool, so I figured that some cool bug fixes or something. So I then try to log in, and that works. Log in was authenticated and I get the options to go to the campaign or training server. When I select to enter either one, I instantly get Log in Aborted in red letters and the only thing I can do at that point is exit out by clicking the X.
  3. Even after 15 years, that lesson seems not to have sunk in.
  4. I like it. Some of those, like allowing the FRU to be placed closer for the UP side, can also be made to have to be placed further away if the side is OP. Reducing or increasing of offensive equipment of the UP side can help too. Often I spawn into an UP Axis side, and we are out of quality tanks, while the enemy keeps bring tank after tank to the battle. Increasing and decreasing the numbers available in a depot spawn list would also help.
  5. Great question VICTARUS. I think that was answered above in that some do care and others will not. But, there are more ways to reward than just pure points for advancement. People like to see records of what they did. They like to see their name on the leaderboards. They like to see medals, etc... This is why I also suggest that this be a tracked stat. Thus there can be a leaderboard stat that is called, Combined Arms. In short, this is a leaderboard for infantry that kill enemy in a zone of control around tanks and friendly guns, and kill those outside of those zones, while they themselves are inside the zone. So the mechanic is exactly like the mechanic in CPs, except that CSR has an addition to it that tracks this. There could also be one for armor that risk their butt to kill EI in the vicinity of a CP. Blowing up CPs, and buildings that are deemed strategic, and getting a kill in the process would be the key for the tank getting credit. Then make medals. Get the community to help make cool, very detailed looking medals for these things. So for instance, if I were in the top 100 tanks for Combined Arms, and I did this for 5 campaigns, then my Medal would have a Roman Numeral 5 on the Ribbon portion. This could be something that is very attractive to new people coming in from Steam when that happens. Make Ribbons and medals for everything, but reserve the medals for the big stuff, and especially things you want to encourage people to do. Use Ribbons for the other stuff. People...some people, like to show this stuff off when showing the game to a friend.
  6. Making these show as leaderboard stats on CSR would also help a lot also.
  7. This is just an idea, but I think the Axis should create squads based on time zones. Get everyone playing, into those squads. Make them such that there are about 20 people total in each squad. If there are not 20 people, then merge squads. It does us no good to have a bunch of 1 and 4 man squads. You need to have at least platoon strength. Also, try to make them based on how you like to play, and what you like to do when you play. In my opinion, the way forward with this is by doing a survey of all Axis players. Then take those survey forms and match people. Basically provide a match making service. This could even be incorporated into the game. People who join would take the survey, first when they join the game, and then again later, maybe 3 or 6 months later. This might even help to grow the game by matching people with other people who like to play the game the same way. I am thinking, however, that it would be a fairly big survey. At least 3 dozen questions. Maybe twice that. You would have demographics questions, asking what times you would play, and what language you speak, etc... Then questions about what units you like to play, and which you do not. Do you want a squad night that is mandatory, or optional, or none at all. Do you want a squad that has mandatory training sessions...voluntary sessions...or none at all.
  8. Good to have you guys on board!
  9. Those were just the ones in my front pocket. I haven't gotten to my back pocket yet.
  10. Awesome! Take good care of the new guys! And great job leading the defense yesterday.
  11. Exactly. The 88 is supposed to be one of the better weapons the Axis have. I challenge anyone to find Allied towns that fall with a full list of premier weapons, Matties, Chars, M1's, etc... It doesn't happen, and if it does, it was because of a Ninja cap that caused a town to be capped with little resistance and an AB that was quickly camped. Axis towns almost always fall with a full spawn list of 88s or most of them still in the spawn list. This is literally the only premier weapon in the game that this happens to. I challenge anyone to prove otherwise. I will start recording it happen using Shadowplay.
  12. With a Star Citizen style persistent vehicle, infantry could rive trucks, tow an ATG, get out, set up the ATG, man the ATG, get off the gun and shoot an EI who is approaching and run for cover when an aicraft approaches. But we don't have that and likely never will. Until something is down about the aircraft, field bunkers are a long overdue necessity. But again, these do not have to make the gun invulnerable. It would make the bomber have try to place the bomb right near the back of the fortification, and in the case of AA guns, he would need to place it in the circle of sandbags, which would end one newb in a DB7 killing several guns in one drop. Not gonna lie. The fact that these were air sim guys (original rats) who wanted targets on the ground to kill, really shows in this aspect of the game. Aircraft have been given a free pas to rape ground units at their leisure for way too long. It's time to make it a bit more challenging. Frankly, I think that because the HE111 rarely gets used for anything but strategic bombing has made Allied players unaware of just how bad of a problem this is. Axis players, on the other hand, suffer from shell shock thanks to the Havoc/DB7 and all of the cool fighter bombers the Allies have. By actually playing both sides through the cycle of suck, the blinders have been removed from my eyes. This game is anything but balanced, and Allied players can be in denial all they want to be. Life is easier as Allied.
  13. And surely you can see the imbalance there, right? Guns have an advantage against the 232. an 88 has very little chance against an aircraft. As for infantry, I get shot in the head so much by an infantryman with a pistol it's beyond retarded. I can be 20 feet outside of the AB, in a town full of friendlies, and the advance scouts run through bush tunnels, avoiding being spotted, and pop out 20 feet away, run up to me, stand there, pull out a pistol, and shoot me in the head as I sit there, helpless to do anything. Now ask yourself Kilemall, do 2pdrs get used a lot? Does the French 75mm tier 0 ATG get used? How many towns fall with a full spawnlist of those guns? Allied players are just going to have to suck it up and allow the imbalances to be corrected, or continue to watch the game dies as more and more Axis players stop logging in. This is an imbalance that has gone on for years and it needs to be addressed. The proof is also in how the tankers act. I see Allied tankers being very aggressive about approaching town compared to Axis tankers. I cant even remember the last time I took an Axis tank into an Allied AB, let alone early in a fight.
  14. That's fine if the Allies pray for it. For it to work, the gun has to be facing them. If it s facing them, it might be shooting at them. Best shot wins. No problem with that. As for fortifications. You need to rethink that. I have never asked that these be made such to make the guns invulnerable, but at present, the AA guns and 88 are beyond vulnerable. And, there are trade-offs. For the 88, you would not have 360° FoF. You might have less than 90° FoF. That's significant. But, it is a trade-off. You are less vulnerable to strafing and bombs, though maybe not 100% safe. And snipers would not be able to attack you from any direction. People's worries about this remind me of how some in the community feared LMGs, snipers, mortars, the Tiger, etc... Always fearing it would break the game. It never happened, and this would not break it either. Now, what the fortifications for the AA guns do is gives them some protection against snipers, and protection against bombs, but would inhibit them from shooting at ground targets. People need to stop looking at these as game breaking. That is chicken little thinking. What they do is solve long standing problems. How stupid is it that an amateur in a DB7 can dive on an AB and kill practically every gun in the AB, and then fly off unscathed? Same at an FB. The guns are slow to push, especially the bofors, and people are often responding to calls for help, so 15 years later, we still have most guns in the AB, or 50 feet in front of the vehicle spawn at the FB. That is not likely to change. Allowing some guns to survive, and thus move further out when the bombers leave, will go a long way to solving that issue. This is another area of frustration that needs to be fixed. Frustration is bad in a game and when some units cannot respond to calls for help because you just get bombed every time you try to spawn and set up..that's a problem. I can show you youtube videos of a single bomb making as many as 10 guns despawn at the same time, and then you see the new guns pushing out, only to be bombed again right in front of the vehicle spawn. So I am also very much in favor of heavy guns in the depots. That is a no-brainer. You should see an increase in guns available, not a decrease, because far fewer will be air-camp killed.