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  1. I fixed this problem on my two son's computer couple of weeks ago by changing their mcafee settings to default.
  2. Not sure the specs of the laptops atm. am at work. They have connected at times wirelessly and with cables. I have cable. Their accounts both work on the main computer. I checked into the firewall. the settings "seem" to be same as desktop. I am at a loss. will get the specs tomorrow when i get home. I have treid everything including changing to new router. mcafee is the virus.
  3. everything ran fine. Then both laptops get 10057 cannot connect to server. going to have to unsub both the laptop subscription until something can be found is the problem. i can log in with both acount on one computer. but for some reason the laptops will not connect.
  4. both my sons two laptops are unable to log in now too. They just quit logging in.