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  1. blinks:: looks around. sup
  2. what you guys have done to the place in the last 5 or 6 years. DL almost finished. (running it on a tertiary drive just in case, you know, that thing happens again)
  3. He just wants to bring high fashion and pointy boots to your place of business. I would keep the door locked if I were you
  4. depends on your price range. if that is the limit you want to spend, then that is an excellent system for the price. you will have a couple of upgrade paths over the next few years...... 1. stay with same mobo upgrade to an x2 CPU (easy, cheap) 2. upgrade your video. you can do this a couple of ways. A. upgrade to teh next gen cards (7800, or whatever the new 8000 will be) B. go SLI - if this is a possible path, you should pick a differnt MOBO that has dual 16x 2x PCI-E slots now. so the big thing now is if you are going for option 1, or option 2A, then what you have now is cool. if you are going to go option 2B (what I have now) then you should start with a differnt MOBO now, at an added cost of about 30 to 60 dollars. (better than buying it all for 130 later). or you can wait a year and start fresh with a new CPU, MOBO, and DDR2 when the new tech comes out. or two years and go with DDR3 and a new mobo and CPU.
  5. ok, lets get teh IE is the virus shit out of the way. situation: barbie's system. iexplore.exe is located as it should be in c:\program files\internet explorer. however it is all lowercase now. ther is also an iexplorer entry in c:\windows\system32, it is associated as ajpeg file (odd). it is protected so I can't delete it, only rename it, or force a move. I have run adawareSE 1.06 I had installed at the time of infection Norton AV2005. I have run Mcaffe Stinger. no hits from any of them. I have tried to replace teh iexplore.exe in c:\program files\nternet explorer, only to watch it mysteriously be over written 30 seconds later. at anytime that her system boots, two instances of iexplore.exe are loaded into the process tree even before IE is launched. I have to kill the process tree for it to go away. Now I do have DEP enabled, and have the process trapped in the firewall. I also cleaned the lmhost file it traded out that forced norton live update to default to so her data is safe with noone being able to access it, but the system gets a bit wobbly after time. so anyone run across this one before? I am finding virtually no help on google, or nortons site.
  6. nah, no love, norton doesn't recognize it. I have cleaned the virus. it is gone by by, but the .dll carnage it left behind is what i struggle with now. hopefully this copy to slave will fix it, but I had the same problems after copying in the recovery console, so we shall see in about five minutes.
  7. nah, you can't clean it in safe mode as WFP is still enabled. I have it slaved to my system replacing the .dllcache and system32 files now. ps i did a reinstall repair and the same problems persisted. this is the last run then I am going to just install to a new drive,, and slave this one one to pull data from.
  8. man, tons of posts and help when this was in the other forums. none here, I thought there were people displaying comminty support tags running around?
  9. this still here?
  10. currently I cant launch any program besides IE that requires an EXE. gonna pull important data across to a firewire drive and attempt to do a repair install. my dik is a bit scratched, so it may crap out along the way. have to get another disk tomorrow if that is the case.
  11. men don't stop and ask for directions, and they don't reformat! i have got to fix this damn thing somehow. gotta find a way to get a clean copy of rundll32 pulled across. there is a command line way of doing it fromt eh xp disk, but I can't get to the shell, cause it uses that runtime environment.!! grrrrr
  12. only way i can find to disable file protection is with a hex editor, and that needs the dll to run. even the damn cached dll file is protected and won't let me overwrite it like youc ould with 2000. hmmmm...... damnit, i should have been a software guy instead of a HW guy, then I would know this crap. HELP!
  13. FFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! everytime I delete or overwrite rundll32.exe with a clean copy the damn windows file protection overwrites it with the original. where the hell was that when this damn thing overwrote it the first time??????????????? anyone have anyidea how to restore the file? I cant open anything in the control panel. i can't drop to a command prompt. i cant run firefox. i cant repair IE with the repair tool. all the reg and system mechanic tools I downloaded all start with an exe, and thus they cant be run...... FFS
  14. damn, still not the end it is gone, but i cant run shit cause the dundll32.exe is corrupted and not associated. gonna try a copy and paste from a clean machine, but I expect i will have to do more than that.
  15. well xoftSPY 4.15 found it! Swiffy is my hero! it was a backdoor trojan. of all the crap i ran on her system, this is the only one that found and cleaned it. IF U THINK U R SAFE WITH FIREFOX - WRONG! just before I got xoft going it took control of firefox and tried to use it instead of IE. I killed it before it did, and it is now purged. i suggest you guys run this program just to be safe, it is a lifesaver. i owe ya swiffy.
  16. ok, couple of good suggestions. I will try them when I get home. house call found nothing. the MS spyware beta requires validation to download now, and I am still trying to verify with corp IT that I have a good key, or if I need them to get me a new one. this virus or malware what ever it is, has done a few nasty things. it disables windows firewall on start up, and also creates an exception for itself incase you enable it. (i fixed that by starting the service manually, and then blocking all exceptions) it won't allow me to install the Nvidia firewall. it has created a mutex instead of a semaphore object, so until i can find the mutex host thread, I can't kill the object as only the host object can unlock the thread, so deleting the nasty bastard causes teh mutex to kick ina nd einstall it. i cleaned the registry of all refrences to the bad exe, but after doing so I can not launch any programs as rundll32 is associated to the bad exe and anything that requires that runtime environment (almost EVERYTHING) wont launch as it can't find an association to run it. so I have to restore my reg backups thus retoring this damn thing. restore points wont work, as I did a major upgrade right before this happened (changed mobo and chipset, CPU video et all) and the restore points are disabled. it is very possible that the restore points that would do me some good were killed by this nasty bug as well. unfortunately years and years worth of data and expensive applications are stored on this system. a reinstall/format would be devistating to barbie. and until I confirm my key status, that is not an option. any other thoughts?
  17. i'll give it a shot. ::clicks your top100 sig for the help::
  18. well first reboot it was half done, IE was loading off the proper dll call, but the bad iexplorer was still running too. i scrubbed the rest of the registry and now nothing will launch as the file associations are all fuxored. this is a nasty little bug. gonna have to repair the associations. so i have to DL the anti spyware stuff from MS, or was it in an update and I can find it hidden somewhere?
  19. for posterity sake HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunServices
  20. just cleaned about 12 references out of the registry. hopefully I killed it. there were 2 questionable ones that I left for fear they may cause problems with ther DLLs. rebooting her system now ::crosses fingers::
  21. it has reassociated some .DLLs i think. too many other programs are needing to access the iexplore.exe in c:\windows\system32 that should not need to. for example firefox. and i cant really just replace the one in system32, as there should not be one there.
  22. im reading it right. explorer and 2 iexplorer on boot with no IE open. when I open an IE, a third process opens up. I delete the first two, and the IE window still stays open, so those intial process are not IE windows. I verified everything on my system. there is NO iexplore.exe with a jpq association in MY c:\windows\system32. the iexplore.exe on MY c:\program files... is all upppercase. when my systems first boots there are no iexplore.exe process running unless I actualy open up an IE window, and then there is only the ONE. Windows firewall is trapping on the first iexplore.exe process the second it fires up during boot on her system. nothing of the sort on mine.
  23. deleting the iexplore.exe file causes firefox to not work. and i use firefox exclusively. she does not (till now) less snobby nerd talk, and more snobby nerd action. you know your crap? help me fix it.