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  1. It’s just frustrating boss
  2. A couple guys from CRS. I understand why they responded the way they did. It has to be frustrating running a game where people complain.
  3. Axis armor had been nurfed. We don’t have panzers. A lot of my squadies are tankers. The Stug in tier 0 is a joke now. I’m a day 1 player who comes and goes like most people. I only resubbed up again because guys were coming back. Now their leaving. Its frustrating. We’ve expressed our dislike to what CRS is doing in our Squad Facebook page which has members from CRS in it. You should of seen what their replies were. I was half tempted to screen shot it and post it but I’m better than that. I’d love to see the numbers on people unsubbing compared to subbing up.
  4. I 100% agree. My squad of mostly day 1 players is getting smaller and smaller every day and every change. I am almost there with them. The F*$%ed the panzers up. Several guys left for that reason. Its frustrating.
  5. Same here. I see a lot of my squadies unsubbing with all the crap they are doing to the game. Its frustrating. I resubbed up a couple months ago because a bunch of guys said they were subbing up again. Well, they're leaving. I am almost there.
  6. What can CRS do to stop this? I am seeing day 1 players unsubbing more than ever because of lack of equipment or tanks are weaker than ever. This is getting redic. Anyone else seeing this frustration with players and squadmates?
  7. I’m sure a lot of people will be mad about this. I know several guys in my squad unsubbed due to the lack of Panzers. People like playing the game for the tanks. Everyone has there thing they like. Me, I like LMG and bofors. Oh well. Buh bye.
  8. I’d like to see the airplanes to handle a little better
  9. Sweet, another Allied squad 1lb can show how this game is played. 17ID is where we are at....bring it! Congrats on the new squad! Enjoy it! !S
  10. I would like to sign up for TOPD's team. !S
  11. servers are down anyway bro. wait for them to come up. it might fix it