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  1. Stirred up the hornets nest tonight, was fun dropping paras in Good times and well played by all, enjoyed it. S!
  2. I resubbed because of the welcome back soldier event.
  3. - Multi squad AO setups, with a full mix of AAA, ATG, Panzers with MS's for INF support. - Parachuting missions to England with over 80+ people in 3-4 Junkers. - Transport ships sailing to England with 4-5 panzers (taking hours!) - pre-toe's and driving over 100 panzers to frontline towns for a massive battle. - Night being night - Killed while being distracted by sheep - Defending FB's with 16ID on the frontline, and the ensuing insane FB battles that lasted hours.
  4. its already activated, just jump in with your old credentials...
  5. Can you describe that "fish-bowl" effect a little more, what do you mean? I regularly fly aircraft at the moment, i agree the physics isnt 100%, but the stall / roll / yaw characteristics are pretty good.
  6. S! Wb
  7. this is bloody awesome stuff propa S! i hope this stuff gets spammed across the internets
  8. Take all the time you need! Its funny this game - been away for years and now that its not here im hanging to play!
  9. Lots! New weapons / graphics / stuff... Get back in and enjoy!
  10. looking great, feeling the love
  11. S! saerdna!
  12. checking in! Last played around 2-3 years ago for maybe a week or so? Started 2004! 16ID! Glad to see many vets returning, see you on the battlefield! Ill hopefully be around for a bit longer!
  13. running 32bit or 64bit windows?
  14. running 32bit windows?