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  1. Stirred up the hornets nest tonight, was fun dropping paras in Good times and well played by all, enjoyed it. S!
  2. I resubbed because of the welcome back soldier event.
  3. - Multi squad AO setups, with a full mix of AAA, ATG, Panzers with MS's for INF support. - Parachuting missions to England with over 80+ people in 3-4 Junkers. - Transport ships sailing to England with 4-5 panzers (taking hours!) - pre-toe's and driving over 100 panzers to frontline towns for a massive battle. - Night being night - Killed while being distracted by sheep - Defending FB's with 16ID on the frontline, and the ensuing insane FB battles that lasted hours.
  4. its already activated, just jump in with your old credentials...
  5. Can you describe that "fish-bowl" effect a little more, what do you mean? I regularly fly aircraft at the moment, i agree the physics isnt 100%, but the stall / roll / yaw characteristics are pretty good.
  6. S! Wb
  7. this is bloody awesome stuff propa S! i hope this stuff gets spammed across the internets
  8. Take all the time you need! Its funny this game - been away for years and now that its not here im hanging to play!
  9. Lots! New weapons / graphics / stuff... Get back in and enjoy!
  10. looking great, feeling the love
  11. S! saerdna!
  12. checking in! Last played around 2-3 years ago for maybe a week or so? Started 2004! 16ID! Glad to see many vets returning, see you on the battlefield! Ill hopefully be around for a bit longer!
  13. i might be slow fps, but is it smooth?
  14. ill take a infantry CO spot, boulogne or calais is fine.
  15. getting constant crashes from ww2online without sse mode its confirmed that this seems to be a bug bigger than just me, as another axis player by the name of "krhkmies" is having crashes every 5-30mins too, he has a ati4870 and vista 64.. ill post debug appcrashes when it comes up next..
  16. dont get a ati 4870 if you want to play this game... it crashes all the time on me + another player
  17. Problem signature: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: WW2_x86.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 4863d468 Fault Module Name: atioglxx.dll Fault Module Version: Fault Module Timestamp: 486d907f Exception Code: c0000005 Exception Offset: 005e9425 OS Version: 6.0.6001. Locale ID: 2057 Additional Information 1: e4bc Additional Information 2: 18286a6351bfff839759d0b47aa70581 Additional Information 3: d9ab Additional Information 4: 9dcf5f500f7d9a605d46802f49e11aa1 Read our privacy statement:
  18. during euro timezone, works together all the time, backs each other up, and can join up easily on squad nights axis obviously,
  19. you could try purchasing a mac, they are very user friendly
  20. axis or allied?
  21. oh another thing, pentium D doesnt have a north side CPU bridge built into the processor, meaning that in order for the cpu's to communicate with each other they have to go through the main north side bridge chipset... and this is/was limited to 800mhz the new intel dual core DUO's (ie the e6600) have a built in north side CPU bridge on the cpu die, these means less bottlenecks etc, and the cpu's can communicate above the 800mhz threshold. oh and nice try on the troll bongo, see you in the next thread
  22. dont get a pentium D get a dual core e6600 processor or a e6400
  23. use a ftp client such as cuteftp, bulletproof ftp, or leechftp you might need to turn off/on PASSV mode to connect to the ftp