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  1. Resub complete. Well done Rats!
  2. Badger, Tigger has it right. I wasn't complaining or asking why. I was asking what the difference between the two are. If you get the same things why would the yearly be $10 more. Sorry, I should have been clearer on that. S!
  3. Besides the extra $10 for yearly billing..... $9.99 a month $129.99 a year
  4. It has been a while since I've been around. I've been on extended leave since I was a bit burnt out and my sound issues were getting me killed like a n00b. I only have a 2.1 speaker system and I couldn't tell where anything was coming from which lead to frequent deaths. Since Rat HQ is doing the welcome back soldier promo I thought I'd give the new update a go. If I can get my sound issue corrected you will taste my sniper rifle once again. :-) Either way it will be good to get back in game and see how things are progressing. S! Memnoch 1LB
  5. A bump for the finest group in the game.
  6. I wish I had your fps. Ever since 1.33 mine has been horrible with sometimes slightly less horrible spawn-ins. Now I'm down to single digits and just can't play unless I'm in the middle of nowhere. I've even tried to remove my display drivers, do a driver wipe and then reinstall. I've changed my game settings to bare bones best performance and I'm lucky if I get 10 fps in a town. At this point I will be forced to unsub unless something is done with this game. This really sucks since I'm going on seven years in game.
  7. Driver cleaner basically removes all of the old video drivers that the manufacturer's program is supposed to do but doesn't. If you're in the n00b range on updating drivers and such then I would find a friend that is knowledgeable to do it for you. The program is pretty straight forward and works very well but as with all things computer related somebody not knowing what they're doing could frack things up.
  8. This is from a post I made a while back in my squad forums. It has helped me and quite a few others in the squad. Hope this helps.
  9. Well, if that were the case it wouldn't matter what kit I had. However, if I have an upper level unit like a 4G or sniper I can't spawn. But if I change to a rifle I spawn with no problem. Like right now, I've been trying to spawn a sniper for ten minutes and cannot spawn but I changed to rifle and instantly spawned. This is not an issue with my connection.
  10. Ahhhhh another ten minutes and counting. This is really getting on my nerves..... And of course I now lost my kit, I will never sub for a year again if at all.
  11. Jo and others have nailed it. Yesterday was the worst. I never had to go through ten minutes before. In a nutshell... overpop timer counts down, you click enter world and it sits there with the button grayed out. After a few seconds the enter world goes green again and goes grey once you try to spawn rinse repeat. As far as your screen goes, the unit reservation shows that you still have it reserved however, that is not the case. You will not notice it is no longer reserved unless that was the last one available. The unit actually goes back into the pool and can be taken by other players while you are sitting there like a mope wondering why you aren't spawning. I have never had this happen while numbers were even or slightly unbalanced. It has only happened to me when my side has a large counter to get through. There are no error messages. Sometimes I'll get in on the second try and sometimes I have to go out to the brigade screen and start all over. Yesterday it didn't matter what I did and I finally gave up after toiling for ten minutes.
  12. Well, I just wasted over ten minutes trying to spawn in and finally gave up. As a result, I made sure I was unsubbed so that I don't get billed another year if this isn't fixed by the time my sub is up. I wonder just how many people this happens to. It is like clockwork for me when we are overpop with a spawn delay of 30 seconds or more. This is the single factor that is ruining the game for me. One thing is for sure, if these bugs are not fixed with 1.31 I'm done. I love the game but I'm tired of sitting at the spawn screen saying 'wtf' when my kit is unreserved and taken by others while I'm wondering why I can't spawn.