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  1. Great work WHIPS and my fellow 91st
  2. I agree, HC isn’t what it was for either side back in the day. You need to rely on HC members who are willing to run the map and have the free time to do so on a regular basis. For new HC members it can be intimidating if you’re unsure what you are doing, especially if there is not an experienced officer online to ask questions. I thought I remember reading a while back that CRS was planning on reverting back to the old style of town based supply. Is this no longer in the picture? There are towns we don’t even get the chance to fight in anymore. Campaigns sure would last longer if each town had its own supply.
  3. I am for merging squads into bigger ones. Been doing some work with 91st recently and it reminds of the days when windhund and KGW were big. I wouldn't suggest squads that have a steady 10 regular members online to merge but more so those who are around 5 or less members. Typically those squads don't have much influence since the chances of having multiple members online at the same time are considerably lower. Those who have your 10 or so members make great FB bust squad, moles, ect.
  4. I was in windhund for 7 years! I was one of the originals in 3FJ! Make me a sig and I'll put it on!
  5. Any Photoshop wizards here who can make me a sig for the KM? (Navy).