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  1. I remember when logged first time around feb/march 2004 that (my first mmo game) that there is insane amount fighting going on. Felt like everyplace had people fight in every hour I logged. Also when I saw my first plane in air with red circle named Hurri I though it was some finnish player mocking swedes. (Hurri is midly rude word in finnish language for swedes).
  2. Here's chart that shows only to the half of year 2005. Seems like around 12k SS have been at the time. No idea why the data is not collected further from ww2ol? But it seems that this game had quite nice steady subscription base from start 2001 to 2005 no huge drop no huge raises. Would be interesting to see how the chart looks from 2005 to 2012, before the FPA went live.
  3. This gear table could be actually pretty cool to have in the main pages with the promotion. All tiers included so people would know that gear to expected when tiers go by and they gain the rank they can. I have also encountered the questions of gear while promoting this on gaming forums.
  4. Do they? It would be nice if they can since there they can ask some questions in their own language if written english is not that good.
  5. Almost all above is covered mostly by being part of good ground squad.
  7. I was sometime ago wondering the same could AMD the choice again. Then I went trough numerous tests and final conclusion is that INTEL still holds the cards for gaming. Sadly it's still that... I would have been eager to change the brand after so many years.
  8. Oletko yksin? Vailla uskomattoman taitavia siipimiehiä? Jos aikaisemmat viestit tässä ketjussa osuu sinuun ota yhteyttä.
  9. Muutama jäsenpaikka olisi avoinna. Jos koneet pysyy hanskassa mieli on avoin sekä pelattavalla puolella ei ole niin väliä ota yhteyttä pelissä,foorumeilla (näillä tai meidän omilla). Taivaalla tavataan!
  10. Heh, I have old squaddie having this same issue in vista x64 but got rid of it when installed windows 7. So seems like options are xp or win7
  11. I have vista x64. Gotta try those omegas. thanks!