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  1. What are the actual facts in regard to subscriber numbers? Because an MMO should have significantly more people than double digits.
  2. Terrible game enjoy!
  3. And they had a huge player base to command.
  4. In the business world, mistakes have consequences. This game shouldn’t be immune from that. And if it folds, that’s on the company, not the player base.
  5. Oh, do you want to compare steam numbers? CRS dreams of having red orchestra 2 numbers right now.
  6. You guys have been bad mouthing BF1942 and the people who played since it came out! Meanwhile it’s was a fun game and lead to how many sequels and expansions and who knows how much money for Dice/EA?
  7. Steam has grown by 9 people since the DLC was released for a whopping 20 players average. And I’ll take the organic growth with a grain of salt since you don’t quantify it.
  8. Hmmmm....interwar weapons and equipment. Sounds very interesting. Don’t know how much CRS wants to spend doing older stuff, when everyone wants the late war stuff. As popular as tier 0 is, I wonder how tier -1 would do.
  9. I have a feeling those people have already looked at this game and went the other direction. They’re playing those other games instead of this one for a reason. Read the Steam reviews. And I doubt they’ll come back unless there’s a substantial change in what this game has to offer. And when the next generation “post scriptum” comes out they’ll be playing that instead of this, if this doesn’t change. All the social media pushes in the world won’t increase the population in the state the game is in now. The Steam release proves that, despite the reddit push, the live streams, and all the Facebook and forum posts.
  10. Soooo, what’s the eta on that??
  11. Nooo, please no. I like being married!
  12. I used to come back periodically, a couple of times a year. And the one thing that always drove me away again was the infantry simul- kills.
  13. Is this a joke thread? No forum, no matter the subject, will be free of occasional strife and conflict.
  14. CRS doesn’t want the real numbers available.
  15. Post numbers please. Significantly? I’ll double it and say 60. Still not an MMO.