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  1. Good we finally get supply trains to attack, when the population is down. regards, drill
  2. I play another game a little bit that has ships and tanks. Was beta testing the ship game and found the lag/Desync to be really bad on one of my computers. The funny thing is after talking and suggesting that I upgrade to windows 10 there support department came back to me and said they do not support windows 10. Food for thought; from a gaming that seems to have success with there tank game. But I still come back to this game because of the interaction on the battlefield. I was always told never to install a new OS till after the first service pack. I will wait to install 10 before I have to pay for it on all of my computers. Not knocking windows 10 because I do here some good things; but to me its hard to imagine to have all the drivers correct in the first few months. IMO Regards drill
  3. I have resubed to this game on and off for years; one thing I do notice with other games is that they do cater to colorblind people. They do this by putting a tab up that says "colorblind" Clink the tab can your aiming recital turns blue. This is a small hindrance for me because of the Hues colorblindness that I have. It does make me wonder if it is a small deal and as said in above post 8 % of males have a small problem with color blindness in hues; why do other games put a check box in setting to help the 8% and not CRS? Is it that time consuming to change a color code in programming and put a check box in settings? Since I don't know how this game is coded and how much work it would take; I would just say I can deal with it and put your resources to better use. You don't need to help color deprived people. Love, drill
  4. Well still having problem seeing Depot names when setting missions; but CRS has more to do than recode colors for depots. Here is my work around but it takes a little more time and when in the middle of a battle it seems like every spawn delay second or game enter-face counts. "But it's just a game" What I do is click a depot and see the name on the mission menu. If I got the spawn-able than great. Regards, drill
  5. They tell me I am a little color blind to some hues When I try to make a mission I have to zoom all the way in click on and try to find and read the spawnable Depot name. So through the clutter of building and Light green depots on a green map its is really hard for me to see name on depot. I laughed at myself yesterday when I was capping a depot and found out I was not in spawnable. Heck I capped it anyways just to draw enemy into the town. I thought to myself if HC was watching what I was doing they would be scratching there heads. After capping that depot I said what the heck and jumped into another non spawnable depot and capped that one. About that time HC took the AO off the town. Or maybe game took an AO away because I did not know what I was doing. Oh well it was a good laugh on my part. But in making mission now I am finding it harder to see the depots name. Regards, drill
  6. sleeping, handing out picnic block party notices; sleeping got up ate. Took a poop that did not float. Went back to bed after checking forums. Oh got my new joy stick in; check forum to see if game was up sleep got up watched a little TV. Cleaned my self up ate some more watched TV some more. Decided to go plug in my new joy stick and key mapped during the beta session/game server comes up; played world of tanks; said hi to friends on TS. Played beta of world of war ships. Played some WWII beta. Went back to bed at 1:30 am Sunday morning. Went to church and now watching a Virginia vs UCLA football game I recorded yesterday while reading forum. Not into football thinking of fast forwarding game just to take the drama out of my afternoon and poop than will to take a nap. Regards, drill
  7. When I beta tested another game there saying was "this is a known issue" It was easy and no time line regards, drill
  8. This has happened for years; after coming back to the game a week ago I was surprised the bug was still in game. Set key mapper and crash to desk top; not all the time but I would say half the time Crash Got a new joy stick and was setting new key mapping last night and Crash to desk top but the good thing is my mission was still opened. So I would go back into game and click on my mission and continue to work on key mapping vehicles everything from tanks to airplanes to trucks and inf.. I would like to add the nice addition that I saw while mapping airplanes. convergence was in key mapper and I could see the airplanes flaps ailerons and was able to key map in a heart beat. Surprising me that sometimes I could do all the changes on joystick only crashing a few time. It runs in my mind that key mapping crashed least when I had the vehicle/etc. in game. But as I remember I think it still crashed. I have gotten use to it and since my mission is still up in some far off town where I am not bothering anyone it was no big deal. Just re boot the game. Click my mission and pick what ever I was key mapping; oh I might add key mapping crashes when you save changes to key mapper. I will make note of this as I get back into playing more and key mapping. Just need to know where to send support ticket; been beta testing another game and when you can work closely with someone it really helps. So I will tell you that was told to me while I was beta test another game. Quote "this is a known issue" Regards, drill
  9. let them get the server up make some money and do some priority improvements
  10. Since I re-subbed 4 or 5 days ago I played 2 nights than patch came and been in Off topic ever since. Almost forgot about the patch; what patch? Love drill
  11. I just re-subscribed not knowing there was going to be a patch 5 days ago. So far the game is going good and have not had any problems with it. love always, drill
  12. Will not install after uninstalling old game from about 6 months ago. Just returning to game and thought I would play again Anyways, went to download page and did a full pc dl. took 5 minutes. It downloaded login files to log into game and of course I picked play online; not beta. Put my log in in and hit play. Game did not download. It froze. Pulled up task manager and it said game not responding. Yes I did a full sub. to game. regards Drill