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  1. Thanks for ruining a perfectly good troll!
  2. If exhibitions is what you want, let's move this to OT...
  3. This is a gamebreaker for me. Yet silence on the Rats' end for a couple weeks now. Can I get a pro-rated refund on my 17.99? I mean I was only able to complete 9 sorties this campaign. 14 others were CTD. That's $2 per sortie. Steep price, wouldnt you say?
  4. getting that too. usually after I ctd.
  5. Who cares about motherboards? Just make sure the case is silver.
  6. Just the fact that they shoved this thread into the Community Support forum and hoped it would die is evidence enough that they are embarassed that this idea was even brought up. Hell, there are more people browsing this forum as I type than in any other forum on this site. This is THE issue of the game as we speak.
  7. And where in the DOWNLOAD menu does it say to uninstall the game and reinstall the complete 1.30? My point still stands, despite the rats new stickies in the forums that appeared 24 hours after the patch went live.
  8. Apparently you missed the point. Anyone can get into the game with a fresh install. I was pointing out that it is a VERY convoluted patching process for 1.30, and nowhere could I easily find in one place clear instructions and links to do just that. I can click on a link to read the README. I can read about certain bugs/issues in certain forum locations. Nowhere was there a clear place to go look and see what the actual patching process is. There may be one, but it sure isn't clear and easy to find. I never found one. I see since my original post that there are now stickies in certain forums outlining the patching procedure. That's what I was getting at.
  9. If I was a new player, I would not know where to look for the new 1.30 update at all. I pity the n00b who has to actually look for vital info if he/she has never patched this game before. As for myself, I am lucky my squad found all the vital info for me and posted it in our forums in one easy-to-find spot. God help the n00bs.
  10. Anyway, its all moot as I've got it working again. Thx again.
  11. Not sure why infantry footsteps didn't cause the same effect then, though.
  12. I changed to wave setting and no crashing/dying. Seems to have worked! Thx Reddog! Cya over our factories