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  1. Hello all, day 1 player here. I found that this game was at its peak when : 1. There was no AO system - players attacked whenever and wherever they wanted - it kept players on their toes and allowed for an element of surprise - and life was ok. 2. There was no Brigade system - nothing needed to be moved or staged or placed - There were also consequences to losing equipment, and if you ran out of equipment in your garrison then another Brigade couldnt be magically moved in - players had to manually drive stuff....believe it or not, life was ok.
  2. June 6, 2001. Downloading, lots of downloading. Took me all night to download the day 1 patch on my 56k modem.
  3. Ill be around until 1 OCT. I'm down with this.
  4. I just got this today out of the blue. I'm gonig nuts here trying to diagnose this.
  5. 27015 through 27021 thank you.
  6. Which ports does WW2OL use? I've been getting CTHL's lately and I'm going to try some port fowarding to see if that solves anything. I tried to do a search, but couldnt find anything.
  7. I'm rocking a 6800. I've had no problems using this new driver
  8. How does one find stats from the event?
  9. Try setting your tree's to 'Video Ram' I got a 30 fps boost easily. P4 3.4ghz Processor Geforce 256mb 6800 2 gig ram.