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  1. sorry charlie:)
  2. Ok i reupped the sub for the game but i cant play til i get in a squad?/ I dunno if the 617 will have me back or not so we'll see. hopefully i'll be playing soon!!
  3. ty pete i knew i ha done it before but im old and forget
  4. Ok zeke ty file deleted and yo Charlie and ty!!!
  5. OK how do i find it with win7? LOL i totally ignorant for the most part, had xp down pact. LOL
  6. OK i just installed windows 7 on here and now when i save changes to my keymapper it boots me off. Is there a fix for this??
  7. Put me in the air somewhere please either in a bomber or fighter!!
  8. Bomber of course!! what time does it start?
  9. Ok guys here since the start of the last map i ctd everytime i despawn? any ideas?
  10. ok i guess im in with my other squadies in a 111.
  11. iS THIS BIENG HELD ON TRaining server or on event server??
  12. db7 lead i dont care which group.
  13. ok i got in eventually.!!