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  1. OK i got a question ? if i cant even get anything but ww2 has encountered a problem and will be shutdown will i be ablke to getthe newpatch to fix it?
  2. I try and launch the game fropm the launch button I cant play offline mode either.
  3. Will this address the issue of ww2 encounter a problem in internet explorer also? Since thrn patch i get the ww2 has encounterd a problem with internet explorer.
  4. Ok i have picked up a trojan that keeps hauntiong me!! it is for a prgram called spystrike. it alos automatically installs a new folder on my stem called security toolbar. I have run adaware, spybot and avg and it keeps coming back. Adaware and spybot will detect it and clean them out then i have to reeboot to finish cleaning, after i reboot it keeps coming back!! Any1 have any solution's?
  5. Ok once again ill post this problem. I seem to be the only 1 that has it tho. Ok after i take off in a plane my lat/lon goes [censored] up after a peroid of time, anywhere from 5-20 mins after i takeoff. This is on my map and compass both. I have reinstalled the game twice and updated all my drivers.
  6. Ok i am still having the problem of the lat/lon not reading on my map or compass. It comes and goes but mostly it comes. This started for me 2 patches ago. Does any1 have any ideas?
  7. Ok after instaling the lates patch all my text appeared like it was transposed on the text. In other words my caht. my map, anything to do qith text is unreadable. Ok so i uninstalled the game then went to do the whole download from download page. I went to start installing the game and when i clicked on the download all i get is a white background with a bunch of balck stuff that is uposed tombe words. Humm ok no problem i put the original disk in to downlaod it that way. After reinstalling i went to launch the game and it doesn't even bring up the luanch or cancel box to load the game. I was ok til todays patch, Pleaase some1 help!
  8. Ok i had to take out the latest downloaded drivers from nvdia and install the 1s that came with my video card. All running fine now..
  9. Ok i posted about this once before but here goes again. My lat/lon readout stops on my ingame map and compass. It is an intermittent problem but for the most part they don't work. I have reinstaled the game and that didnt help. And yes i have center on me clicked in the map options. Can any1 please help?
  10. Ok is any1 else having the problem of the lat/lon not reading on the map? I have it centered on me at all times. it is an intermittant problem. I will take off on a run and it works fine, then on the next run it will be gone. It also says mouse location not available and yes my mouse pointer is on the map. It also quits working on the compass.
  11. Does any1 else have the problem of where after awhile your mouse goes psycho and jsut starts bringing up programs by itself, changing ur taskbar location on ur desktop? I have and it drives me insane,altho that is a short trip LOL. Any suggestions?