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  1. Ok guys once again after the patch installs i get the playarc/w2i something or other is not a valid version. Ok once again i removed all of wwii from my system, did a full install of game and am once again getting an i/o error when trying to install the game and gives me a corrupt file message?? I just reloaded windows on here and had everything checked on it. so any idea's will help!!

  2. ok guys everything was fine til i got the patch. during the downlaod with the autoupgrade i get 1/o error in one of the files, ok i delete the whole game and anything that has to do with it on my h/d then i go and get the full downlaod and i get cant open playarc2 wav file or something like that. i also have gotten the not valid version error in there too!! I redeleted, defragged, and then i redownload again and same thing. I even tried using the disk i got with the game when it came out. it loads fine but then quit's. so i'm lost??