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  1. Ok i reupped the sub for the game but i cant play til i get in a squad?/ I dunno if the 617 will have me back or not so we'll see. hopefully i'll be playing soon!!
  2. sorry charlie:)
  3. ty pete i knew i ha done it before but im old and forget
  4. OK i just installed windows 7 on here and now when i save changes to my keymapper it boots me off. Is there a fix for this??
  5. Ok zeke ty file deleted and yo Charlie and ty!!!
  6. OK how do i find it with win7? LOL i totally ignorant for the most part, had xp down pact. LOL
  7. Put me in the air somewhere please either in a bomber or fighter!!
  8. Bomber of course!! what time does it start?
  9. Ok guys here since the start of the last map i ctd everytime i despawn? any ideas?
  10. ok i guess im in with my other squadies in a 111.
  11. iS THIS BIENG HELD ON TRaining server or on event server??
  12. db7 lead i dont care which group.
  13. Ok guys once again after the patch installs i get the playarc/w2i something or other is not a valid version. Ok once again i removed all of wwii from my system, did a full install of game and am once again getting an i/o error when trying to install the game and gives me a corrupt file message?? I just reloaded windows on here and had everything checked on it. so any idea's will help!!
  14. ok i got in eventually.!!
  15. Ok guy's i had windows reinstallled, mem check done by a shop and i still get the i/o error when trying to install game??
  16. ok guys everything was fine til i got the patch. during the downlaod with the autoupgrade i get 1/o error in one of the files, ok i delete the whole game and anything that has to do with it on my h/d then i go and get the full downlaod and i get cant open playarc2 wav file or something like that. i also have gotten the not valid version error in there too!! I redeleted, defragged, and then i redownload again and same thing. I even tried using the disk i got with the game when it came out. it loads fine but then quit's. so i'm lost??
  17. yes i did i complete reinstall of the whole game or tried to anyway.
  18. my question is why you taking off from an airfield filled with smoke?? dont make too much sense to me??
  19. Worse fp's?? dude it's time to upgrade or stop the porn in the background. The perfomance is so much better!!
  20. I was wondering if running 2 video card's really make that much difference in the game??
  21. My Uncle was a top turret gunner, radio operator in the 8th air force. He never really talks much about the war, guess he saw too much bad **** on the runs to germany and etc. He did say that when he saw his 1st P-38 he thought it was one of the most incredible aircraft he ever saw at the time.
  22. The new patch fixed me right up.
  23. Gophur i go thru the launch button to joi9n game i get ww2 has encounterd a problem and will have to be shut down, then ya have the option of sending a report or not.